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Why Security Guards Are Still Needed In The Digital Age

As the security industry continues to make progress introducing new and improved security technology the question has arisen, is the security guard still needed in the digital age?

Can the continued growth of Internet of Things (IoT) replace the need for patrols or event security?

These are not questions you can just answer with a yes or no, but rather something that has to be analyzed and discussed carefully.

It is true, more high valued companies are now becoming increasingly vulnerable to a cyberattack or hack to their records and data, and they are looking for digital technologies to supplement this need.

Yet there are still many types of businesses that still require the human element of traditional security, and this doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Where The Security Guard Is Still Required

It’s important to remember that even the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art IoT security device will still need some type of professional security official to oversee it function properly, from drones that fly overhead surveying the landscape to walk through metal detector screening checkpoints.

This is why it is important to employ expertly trained security guards and staff to ensure that there is optimum security at all times.

  • For special open events and venues, security guards must be trained to handle all situations to guarantee safety for all guests.
  • At hotels or private events, a concierge security guard must help with a welcoming environment and make sure that all visitors are given their privacy.
  • Corporations or business requiring a high level of guard activity, there needs to be a supervisor and officers on duty to oversee that all business continues to function and employees are secure.

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are something that only humans can offer in the moment, machines might not ever reach that level.

When you invest in security guard service or patrol from the professionals at Pro-Secur, know that all of our guards go through a rigorous and extensive screening process.

For more information on our security guards or any of the services we offer or to protect your home, business, or event, please contact us at 305.418.9214 today!

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