Why Security Guards Are Essential For Condominium Safety (And How To Pick The Best Service)
Why Security Guards Are Essential For Condominium Safety (And How To Pick The Best Service)

Why Security Guards Are Essential For Condominium Safety (And How To Pick The Best Service)

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The security of a condominium has many challenges. It only takes one break-in or violent assault to bury a property manager in a heap of paperwork. Security guards can be a valuable resource in addressing and preventing parking violations, noise violations, and other incidents that threaten the safety and comfort of residents.

Reputable security guard companies provide the following:


Formal Proposals

A professional security company provides clients with a proposals outlining the services they offer and a clear explanation of their pricing policy. Following the submission of a proposal, a company rep should offer to meet with your board of directors to answer questions about the service proposal and the services described therein.


Does the company enforce a strict uniform policy?

Image is the key to portraying a convincing image of fortitude and security. Ask the company representative to share the company’s uniform policy.  Does the company provide car patrol services? If so, what year, make, and model of vehicles does the company use?


Permits and Standard Operating Procedures.  Pick A Licensed Company (and avoid a lawsuit)

Some condo boards try to save money by hiring an independent guard. The drawback to that is you have no assurance that the guard you hired is licensed, insured, or even trained. Ask the guard company representative to submit a copy of their license to operate as a security guard provider in the state of Florida, and proof of their insurance.


Make Sure They Carry Liability Insurance

The condo board should make sure any security guard company they hire has the appropriate liability insurance. Be sure to look at their insurance binder and also ask to have your building or complex named as an “additional insured.” The standard for guard companies is around $1 and $2 million in liability insurance. Hiring a company without liability insurance could leave you open to a range of lawsuits.


Response And Documentation

What makes a security guard professional is proper training in the skills of observation, response to and documentation of incidents. Security guards can be monitored and supported remotely, in real-time, by utilizing the latest guard management technologies that can observe patrols and report real time info back to a supervisor.


Service customized for the client’s needs

The security needs of an apartment building or condo will vary depending on time of day, number of residents, buildings, etc. Security companies can offer customizable solutions to a condo’s security needs. This can include 24/7 patrol via armed and unarmed security patrol. Security risks to residents and staff are usually higher in dark parking lots and garages. A nighttime guard patrol can monitor these areas and even provide escorting protection to those that need it after-hours.


The Benefits

A security guard deters crime and strange activity. Armed or unarmed security is a simple way to send the message that the property is being watched and protected.  Trained security guards have the training and communication skills necessary to not only prevent crime, but also to be an extension of your customer service, providing assistance to existing residents and perhaps earning the trust of future ones.

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