Why Security Guards Are Essential For Condominium Safety (And How To Pick The Best Service)
Why Security Guards Are Essential For Condominium Safety (And How To Pick The Best Service)

Why Security Guards Are Essential For Condominium Safety (And How To Pick The Best Service)

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The security of a condominium has many challenges. It only takes one break-in or violent assault for residents to demand action. To ensure the safety of all residents and staff, a property manager needs to find a way deter crime and suspicious activity. From robbery to parking problems to noise violations, security guards can be a valuable resource in addressing and stopping these incidents. This blog will look into the benefits of security guards and how to pick the right service.

How To Pick A Reputable Security Guard Company


The first step for property managers in the search for security guards is finding companies to present to your condo board. A proper security company will provide proposals outlining the services they offer. Find out which security companies are being hired by other buildings in your area, and by other buildings or complexes of a comparable size to yours. When you have compiled a list, make appointments for company reps to come speak to your board of directors.

Setting Up Meetings With Guard Companies And Condo Boards

Security professionals advise that when your board sits down with a security company, ask for a list of other buildings the company protects, references, verification of the company’s license to employ security guards in the state of Florida, and proof of insurance. Don’t forget to ask about dress codes for the company’s guards. Also, do you need a car patrol for your building or complex? If so, what kind of vehicles do the security officers drive?

Pick A Licensed Company (and avoid a lawsuit)

Some condo boards try to save money by hiring an independent guard. Don’t go that route. Without the company backing the guard, you have no assurance that the guard you have working in your building is licensed (much less capable of doing the job) and open the management company and board to potential litigation should anything happen.

Make Sure They Carry Liability Insurance

Condominium boards should make sure that the security guard company they hire has appropriate insurance. Be sure to look at their insurance binder and also ask to have your building or complex named as an “additional insured.” Many guard companies would recommend a minimum of $1 to $2 million in liability insurance.

The Benefits

A security guard deters crime and strange activity. Armed or unarmed security is a simple way to send the message that the property is being watched and protected.  Trained security guards have the training and communication skills necessary to not only prevent crime, but also to be an extension of your customer service and aid existing residents and impress future ones.

Response And Documentation.

What makes a security guard professional is proper training in the skills of observation, response to and documentation to variety of incidents issues. Elite guards are also monitored, supported remotely, in real-time, by supervisors utilizing cutting-edge management technologies (such as GuardTek, utilized by Pro-Secur) that ensure that security officers remain on patrol and safe.

Security guard surveillance customized for the client’s needs.

An apartment building/ condo’s security needs will likely vary according to many factors (time of day, number of residents and buildings, etc). Security professionals offer a flexible, customizable solution to a building’s security needs. Officers patrol 24/7, or for day or morning shifts.

Security risks to residents and staff are usually higher in dark parking lots and garages. A nighttime guard patrol can monitor these areas and even provide escorting protection to those that need it after-hours.

The stakes are high for property owners, managers and residents alike. It is, in fact, the legal responsibility of apartment complex owners and management companies “to protect all residents and guests legally on premises from any foreseeable harm.”

Looking for elite security guards to protect your condo or apartment complex? Call 305-418-9214 today to schedule Pro-Secur’s elite guard services.

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