Why Schools Should Hire Security Guards
Why Schools Should Hire Security Guards

Why Schools Should Hire Security Guards

A new school year has started, and the security children at schools is once again in the news. With the recent security lockdowns at the Coral Reef and Richmond Heights campuses in Miami Dade, it is a reminder that kids are vulnerable to dangerous situations during school. This blog will discuss why schools should hire security guards and the numerous benefits.


Constant Monitoring

Having a security guard alertly monitor and walk the school grounds can prevent crimes before they happen, because it means that the person watching can help put a stop to the initial stages of the crime before anyone gets hurt or property is damaged.  It also shows potential perpetrators that they’re neither invisible nor invincible, and that someone is monitoring the campus grounds.

Protection of Students and Faculty on Campus

Whether it’s school yard fighting, bullying, students harassing their teachers, or professors crossing physical boundaries with their students, security guards can potentially protect schools from acts of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse due to their presence.

Protection Against Theft and Trespass

External dangers can cause many safety concerns for campuses.  Security guards can protect against unlawful trespassing, which by extension can also prevent against strangers bringing weapons onto campus, attempting to kidnap children, or stealing expensive equipment like computers and other electronic devices. Active shootings have become more frequent in recent years; how many lives could have been saved if an armed or unarmed security guard was on watch?

Helping Parents
Security guards can be an anti-bullying resource at school. They can intervene and stop a bullying situation before it escalates into something more dangerous, and they can also talk to the children’s parents about it after school so the family can handle it properly at home.  This is beneficial for both the bullies and those getting bullied, because each side can hopefully learn a lesson from their parents.

Things to Consider When Hiring

Feel safe with the person hired to keep you safe. Ask some questions before hiring someone to make sure you get the best in the business. Research the security company to learn if they:
• Do background and security screenings of employees
• Perform drug testing on a regular basis
• Offer employee training
• Offer armed guards—often armed is unnecessary unless you have high-risk situations.
• Offer ‘observe and report’ guards—a more practical option for most small businesses and special events, wherein guards are trained to take statements and collect evidence in the case of a crime or accident. Their main job is deterring crime via their presence

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