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Complete Security Planning Complete Security Planning

Why Homeowners Associations Need Professional Security Guards

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When we are searching for a home there are various criteria for a potential resident to consider. These include good schools, low property taxes, and a sense of safety and security throughout the neighborhood.


As managers of a homeowners association (HOA), it’s imperative that you question these criteria on a regular basis, particularly those criteria related to the safety of your residents.


Property managers play an influential role in making sure the expenses allocated to property maintenance and security meet the allocated budget. Under such pressure, it can be tempting to personally take care of certain tasks and keep expenses low. Matters related to safety and security should be handled by individuals trained to properly handle and report on security and safety related incidents. Having a security guard on site can be beneficial not only because uniformed guards tend to deter criminal activity, but also because security guards can serve as third party witnesses to disorderly conduct by aggravated tenants. There have been accounts of property managers being assaulted during altercations with tenants. When disputes arise between tenants and property managers, the presence of a security guard could prevent an argument between a tenant and a representative of the management company to escalate into a full blown altercation.


Why You Need Professional Security For Your HOA


Unfortunately, crime happens all the time – loitering, theft, trespassing and vandalism are just a few of the common criminal activities that HOAs are affected by.


Preventative acts can deter crime and it’s important that property managers take a proactive approach in creating a safer environment for residents and staff. Hiring trained security guards can provide the following benefits for your HOA:


  • 24/7 security for your community
  • CPR trained
  • A customer service extension of your management team
  • Detailed incident reports for your staff in the event of a crime or emergency


Another service that a professional security company can provide that would be beneficial to an HOA is tactical security guard service. Normally, an HOA covers a wide area. That means a security guard must be able to walk long distances and be trained in customized security protocols to keep large areas secure.


Being educated in site-specific issues, discretion, and problem solving is what really makes a tactical security guard better than your average security guard.


If you are an HOA manager in southern Florida and are looking for a full security outsourcing to address your security concerns, Pro-Secur can accommodate all your security needs. For more information and tips for security prevention, please contact us at 305 418 9214 today!






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