Tips for security guards to stay in top form
Tips for security guards to stay in top formTips for security guards to stay in top form

Tips for security guards to stay in top form

Great security guards continuously learn and improve their skills. Being prepared for your post, staying fit, and keeping up with novel security and safety practices are just some examples of what security guards can do to stand out from the competition and provide a better service.  Here are some tips for security guards to stay in top form.


Don’t forget your training.


Guards learn skills during training to obtain their state issued guard licenses and later on during the in-house training courses from the company that hires them. As a side note, not all companies put newly hired guards through in-house training. If you’re a guard undergoing training at a state or company level, make sure to take notes in a note taking app or notebook. Note taking and learning new skills are skills in and of themselves and as such, need to be practiced and honed. Many security companies are investing in new technology for their guards, and those that can pick up training fast will stay ahead of the competition.


Continue learning.


Security guards can grow your skill set by going to security workshops or seminars. When it comes to job interviews, guards who stay in touch with security industry news and trends have an edge over their competition. Employers will gravitate towards employment candidates who display a genuine interest in their professional field. Additionally the greater your knowledge of best security practices, the better equipped you’ll be to handle different situations in the field.


Stay fit.


Exercise regularly. Exercising not only keeps you prepared for the physical challenges of being a guard (standing long periods for example), but is also good for your health. Guards who stay fit portray a stronger image than guards who are out of shape.


Learn self-defense techniques.


Security guards must be prepared to defend themselves in a dangerous situation. Taking self-defense courses such as Judo or even MMA training can be very beneficial and can even be part of a regular exercise routine.


Be up to date on what’s happening in your community.


Keeping up with news involving crimes or missing persons around the areas you patrol will prepare you for the unexpected and give you advanced knowledge that may help you better handle an incident or help someone in the community.


Ask for advice from an experienced guard.

Find other people in the field who can give you advice (such as a Guard Supervisor) or someone in the field who’s willing to give you constructive criticism.


Don’t make assumptions.


When you make assumptions you take a big risk and that can get you, your employer, and the client in trouble. Don’t assess the level of threat someone may pose based solely on the way they are dressed or the way they speak. If you’re a guard securing a gated community for example, don’t assume someone isn’t trespassing just because you’ve noticed them on the property before. In gated communities both tenants and visitors should be cleared by following established security protocols whether their face is familiar or not.


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  • Bobby Saint

    I totally agree that staying fit by working out regularly will definitely keep security guards in shape. Regular exercise would not only provide a healthy body but a sound mind as well. If I were to apply as a security guard, I would certainly make it a point to keep my body in shape by doing regular exercise. Thanks.

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