Tips for Securing Your School/Training Academy
Tips for Securing Your School/Training Academy

Tips for Securing Your School/Training Academy

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If you manage a school or training academy it is important to take security very seriously. Shootings in the country last year took center stage on the news and the statistics on mass shootings are shocking. The security of the lives of your students and employees is the top priority. Here are 12 Tips for securing your school/training academy in 2018.

10 Security Tips for Student and Faculty Safety

1. Thorough Background Checks Must be Conducted Before Employing Faculty and Other Employees

If you are going to to hire anyone, then you have to double check to be sure that you are about to employ a person who doesn’t pose a security threat. Leave no stone unturned and investigate any red flags in an application.

2. Student Backpacks Should Be Searched Before Entering the Premises to Prevent Them from Bringing in Dangerous Weapons.

These checks could be done randomly or everyday depending on the size of the campus/academy. This is so that they do not bring in dangerous weapons that can endanger the lives of students.

3. Students Should Be Issued Access Cards

This way unauthorized people cannot gain entrance into the school.
4. The School Compound Should Be Fenced and Gated

It is critical that the school/academy fences and gates the school premises. This way only those issued with access cards can come and go and a record can be kept of who enters and exits.

5. Students and Faculty Should Always Have Their ID Card on Them

Not to be confused with access cards, the ID card, as well as other modes of identification should be issued by the school so everyone is accounted for and unauthorized persons easily identified.

6. Visitors should be Cleared Before Entering the School/Academy Premises

All visitors should be screened prior to entry. This is also has the benefit so that there is a record of people who go into the school.

7. Install CCTV Surveillance

The interior and exterior of a school/academy should have surveillance cameras. This has a double benefit letting anyone on the grounds that they are being monitored and that any incidents will be captured on video.

8. Students Should Be Encouraged to Report any Suspicious Moves or Person within the School Premises to the School Management

The school management has got to train students on the importance of reporting any malicious moves within and even without the school premises.

9. People Should Be Discouraged from Loitering or Parking Their Cars outside the School fence

There should be a strict rules restricting visitors from parking and loitering outside of the school fence. This is so that you are able to keep track on the activities that go on.

10. Advise Teachers to Be on Guard
Teachers can be an invaluable tool in preventing violence on campus grounds. Instructing faculty on warning signs and how to report them to security personnel can be vital to the safety of everyone and prevent violence.

11. Conduct Emergency Situation Training with Students and Faculty

With so many active shootings happening at schools investing in active shooter safety training program such as ALICE can help prepare should an emergency arise on campus. The proper training can save many lives and lessen injuries.

12. Hire Security Guards

Finally, invest in elite security guards. Having a guard at a security gate and on school grounds is a valuable resource in preventing incidences of violence. If an incident does occur, you can rest easy knowing a trained security guard will know how to handle the situation and protect students and faculty. From preventing bullying to providing a visitor with directions, a security guard is a valuable asset for your facility in more ways than one.

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