Four Escapes from Prison
Four Escapes from Prison Four Escapes from Prison

Things To Consider When Using Tenting Fumigation Services

You may have noticed them in your community, those large fumigation tents that are used to rid infestation in homes. But as residents rid themselves of one problem, tenting their homes can leave them open to another concern: burglars. Break-ins that occur can happen to homes small or large, modest or expensive.
Often, victims lose valuables or emotional keepsakes. And only then do they learn that paying for security rests on their shoulders, not the companies that tented and fumigated their homes. Another concern: tenting companies require that residents turn off any security alarms so workers can come and go as needed. This adds to the home’s vulnerability during fumigation.

Recently, six burglaries occurred at Berkeley Manor Apartments in the Plantation area. Residents were forced to leave their homes for almost a week, leaving their unguarded valuables easy pickings for the thieves. Tents also are sometimes slashed by thieves during fumigation, resulting in extra costs for the tenting company, these tents can cost several hundreds to thousands of dollars.

According to the FBI, the average dollar loss per burglary in the U.S. is $2,185. What can the cost of not hiring security amount to?

Before You Tent

In addition to hiring a security company, here are steps to take when your home is tented:

  • Remove all valuables, money, jewelry, and documents that could be used for identity theft, from the home
  • Ask neighbors to be alert and report any suspicious activity or persons
  • Notify local police and ask if they will do occasional patrol checks while the house is tented
  • Take all keys of your cars, home and other places with you
  • Remove or discard all food that isn’t canned or packaged in tightly-sealed, unopened containers
  • Turn off all A/C units and open one window in each room of the house
  • Warn your neighbors about the tenting (so that they can keep their pets away from the house)

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