Things event planners should do before 9am
Things event planners should do before 9amThings event planners should do before 9am

Things event planners should do before 9am

An event planners schedule is hectic. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a business day to accomplish everything you may need. How do you make up the extra time? Simple, by starting your day before 9am. Here are the things to do before going to work to get the most out of your morning.

Get Up Earlier.

Many people are getting up several hours earlier in order to have a productive morning. So prepare to get up while its still dark (4am-5am). Don’t just decide to get up from 5am from now on. Instead, set your alarm back in 15 minute increments each day until you reach your desired time and also ensure you are going to bed 15 minutes earlier each day as well.

Catch Up On Trends And News.

The event industry is always changing. Catching up first thing in the morning on the latest industry news and trends not only helps keep your work day current but also up to speed. Make sure you are following top event planning accounts on Instagram and other social media and you will find your own patterns and trends emerging, keeping you ahead of the game.

Don’t Skip Breakfast.

You may think that skipping breakfast will help you save time and therefore make you more productive but but skipping it will lead to a dip in blood sugar levels and excess snacking later on.
Eating a decent breakfast can also help to wake up your metabolism and immune system to keep you healthier as well.


A shower is a good idea to start your day, allowing you to clean off any of yesterday’s troubles to make you a more effective event planner. Showers can also be an excellent space to meditate and think about your upcoming day to get into the right headspace to deal with it.

Do Something You Enjoy.

Whether you have a separate passion project or simply enjoying coffee with a good book, spend a little time each morning doing something that you enjoy. This can help you to reduce stress and mentally prepare for the event planning day ahead. Why not use this time to start a new hobby, or learn something new as well? This can help inspire your creativity.

Achieve A Daily Goal.

Look at what your most important thing to achieve for the day is, and do something towards achieving it. Don’t try to tackle it all first thing in the morning because it will consume all of your extra time and you’ll end up just starting work at 5am which defeats the purpose of getting up early. Instead try to think about the best way to approach it or just mentally preparing yourself for the task ahead.

Avoid Social Media.

Unless you’re using social media to surf event accounts for inspiration and trends, network or benefit you in some way, avoid it at all costs before 9am as it is more likely to waste your time.

Prep For The Day.

What do you want to achieve today? Write a to-do list and think about today’s priorities to help give you focus on what you need to get done and how you will achieve this. It’s a great way to boost motivation and to avoid procrastination during the day that by not having clear guidelines.
It is also important to take a minute for yourself to just breathe and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead and what you need to achieve.

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