Theater & Art Gallery Opening Parties
Theater & Art Gallery Opening PartiesEvent Categories Defined: Theater & Art Gallery Opening Parties

Theater & Art Gallery Opening Parties
Event Opportunities

Goals: raise money, expand your network, connect with new client leads

Theater and Gallery events, including museum events are guaranteed to make some buzz for your event firm. The guest list for an exclusive theater or gallery opening should be enough of an incentive for event planners to try and snatch more of these lucrative gigs.

Approximately 5,000 companies that specialize in event management according to the U.S. Economic Census. Each year, these businesses aggregately generate more than $5 billion dollars a year of revenue and provide jobs for more than 40,000 people. The growth of this industry has remained in lockstep with the growth of the economy in general. The number of businesses operating within this industry has increased 15 percent over last five years while gross receipts have increased almost two fold.

Theater and Art Gallery opening parties

Theater, gallery, and other “opening” parties are popular because they are easier to produce. The pitch to draw people to the event is built in: a new movie, an opportunity to meet the artist at an exhibition opening. Guests expect a fun time. Consider publicity, a good turnout will depend on the public’s awareness of the movie or exhibit being promoted. A luxurious venue can draw lots of people. The planning firm can make some money as well as achieve some other goals, including public relations and adding prospects to their potential client list.

Advantages: openings and parties are easy to produce, usually make a profit, and provide an opportunity to present the agency in an informal setting.

Cautions: openings require total agency board support, “big names” often do not show up at movie openings. Event security is essential, especially if you plan on serving alcoholic beverages, in which case, discrete patron removal may become a necessity.

Goals: raise money, expand your network

The reputation of an event agency must be kept in the forefront at all times. Always honor deserving events, persons or organizations to maintain your company’s reputation, you values, and produce an event that the agency will be proud of!.


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