The Pokémon GO App
The Pokémon GO AppThe Pokémon GO App

The Pokémon GO App: Fun For Many, Dangerous For Others

The Pokémon GO app has become a cultural phenomenon. Kids, celebrities, even you might be trying to catch’em all. The app, which allows users to interact virtually with Pokémon characters nearby in the real world, has more active users than Twitter, and is reportedly making more than $1.6 billion per day. The app is so popular a company has already made an app called Pokéradar to help people find Pokémon more easily. Writers in both the technology and videogame industries are stating we are entering an age of games based in the real-world, and that the physical and the digital worlds we inhabit are merging. With the Pokémon GO app being used by so many, it was obvious we would be hearing strange and dangerous stories involving the app sooner rather than later.

Pokémon GO Stories In The News

– Two teenagers playing Pokémon GO in the middle of the night were shot at after being mistaken for burglars. The teens were playing the app in a car in Florida in the middle of the night when an armed man walked out of his house and opened fire on the vehicle. The teenagers took off and it was only in the morning that one of their moms discovered bullet holes in multiple areas of the car. She immediately reported the shooting to the sheriff’s office.

– There have been several reports of players getting injured while trying to catch’em all, but perhaps nothing is as embarrassing as this video from the Baltimore Police Department of a distracted driver crashing into a patrol car because he was playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel. Three cops were chatting on the sidewalk when a Toyota Rav4 drove through the intersection and struck the squad car. The driver got out and quickly showed the officers his phone with the app still running as his excuse for being distracted behind the wheel.

– Two men trying to catch Pokémon GO characters had to be rescued after falling off a cliff in San Diego. One of the men fell to the beach below, and firefighters had to rescue the other man who fell part of the way down the cliff and was found unconscious. Despite signs warning of the instability on the cliff, the men couldn’t resist and chose to climb over a fence to go in search of Pokémon.

– A man in Oregon was stabbed while walking the streets of Oregon in pursuit of the virtual creatures. He asked a passerby if he was playing the Pokémon GO app as well and the stranger pulled out a knife and stabbed him. Despite being injured, and rather than go to the hospital, he continued his search for Pokémon.

– The Pokémon Go app has a virtual beacon (Pokéstop) that players can use to attract both Pokémon and other people to their location. Pokéstops are locations where players collect virtual items and level up their Pokémon faster. In Missouri, Police say four teens robbed victims at gunpoint after luring them to a specific location the Pokéstop feature. The teens are under investigation for similar robberies.

The National Safety Council issued a statement warning pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings, and imploring drivers to pay attention to the road and not have the app running while they are behind the wheel. Are you concerned about potential Pokémon Go trespassers in your neighborhood? Pro-Secur security officers can stop them and others from intruding on your property, just call 305-418-9214 to schedule guard service today!

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