The Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards
The Importance of CPR Training for Security GuardsThe Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards

The Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards

The role of a security officer is one not to be taken lightly, especially for those who would want to be one. Becoming a security guard requires specialized training and certifications. In addition to securing an event, business, or residence a guard should be prepared to assist in a medical emergency until help arrives.

The Need For CPR Certification.

One of the most important certifications that can make a security officer stand out from other officers is a CPR certification. Many professions now require CPR certifications to be considered for employment. This additional qualification that will make an employer notice your application faster over one that doesn’t. Private and public security guards should be ready to assist individuals who might suddenly suffer from a cardiac arrest. Other emergency situations that require first aid or CPR include injury, choking, and bleeding.

The Importance of Additional Training.

Having CPR training, in addition to other certifications, can boost the confidence of security guard in responding to emergencies when they happen. Security companies should also have this as a requirement and a part of the budget when hiring security officers to ensure that their staff is able to provide the best services possible. There are free and company-paid CPR and first aid training services available for security guards. Below are some free online CPR courses.

1st Responders

The first thing that security guards must do in times of medical emergencies is to call 911. While the paramedics are on their way, CPR can be performed on the victim. Rather than looking for medical personnel in the crowd or within the vicinity of the medical emergency, a CPR-certified security guard can immediately respond and resuscitate someone right away.

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  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for going over some of the reasons why a security guard should have CPR training. I actually hadn’t considered that they could usually be the first responders, and can help resuscitate someone while they are waiting for the medical professionals. Honestly, this sounds like something that is worth learning for most people, so that they can be there when someone may need them the most.

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