The Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards
The Importance of CPR Training for Security GuardsThe Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards

The Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards

To become a security guard, special training and completion of courses is required. Some of these courses are specific to security while others touch upon analogous subjects such as safety and even health. The best guards in the field are adept at securing an event, business, or residence and also prepared to assist in a medical emergency while help is on the way.

Why CPR Certification is important.

Many jobs including those in the security field now require CPR certifications of employment applicants. Security guards who are CPR certified can be lifesavers in dangerous situations,  take for example this recent situation at the Philadelphia airport where a man’s life was saved by a cpr trained security guard when he had a cardiac arrest.

1st Responders

The first thing that security guards must do during a medical emergency is call 911. While the paramedics are on their way, CPR or first-aid can be performed on a person in need of help. A CPR-certified security guard can respond immediately and perform life saving CPR while waiting for medical help.

Scenarios where CPR trained security guards can make a difference

  • Construction site accident
  • Active shooter scenario
  • An elderly person having cardiac arrest symptoms at a condo
  • An event attendee found unconscious 

Additional Training.

Having CPR training can boost the effectiveness of security guard  at your business, construction site, school, or condominium if an emergency occurs. There are free and company-paid CPR and first aid training services available for security guards. Below are some free online CPR courses.

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  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for going over some of the reasons why a security guard should have CPR training. I actually hadn’t considered that they could usually be the first responders, and can help resuscitate someone while they are waiting for the medical professionals. Honestly, this sounds like something that is worth learning for most people, so that they can be there when someone may need them the most.

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