The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

The Dangers Athletes And Visitors Face At The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

The Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil are upon us. From August 5th through the 21st the world’s best athletes will compete at the biggest stage in sports. Over 10,000 athletes from 207 countries are scheduled to participate at this Summer’s games. As athletes and tourists make their way to Rio in anticipation of the Olympic Games,  stories of their getting robbed and assaulted in Rio and the surrounding areas is coming out. For this reason and perhaps also due to the recent terror attacks in various countries, Brazilian police has increased security in the vicinity of venues where the games will be hosted.

Crime Wave

The city of  Rio has fallen victim to crime waves over the years. Now that the city is hosting the games, the Brazilian authorities are under pressure to create a safe environment to world athletes and tourists as  reports of assaults against athletes start to surface. A pair of Australian olympic sailors were robbed by two men while riding their bikes by two assailants in a Rio park. One of the assailants  was carrying a pistol and threatened to fire if the athletes didn’t get off their bicycles. Their bikes were taken but no one was hurt.

Athletes have reported incidents as early as June of this year. Last month, Fernando Echavarri, Spain’s Olympic Sailing gold-medalist and his two companions said they were held up at gunpoint by five young men in Rio. It’s not just the athletes being affected but visitors as well.Bernie Ecclestone’s mother has allegedly been abducted and (the head of the lucrative Formula One auto-racing circuit)Brazilian kidnappers are demanding a 36.5 billion ransom in exchange for her safe return.

Increasing Security

With the recent terror attacks in France, Brazilian authorities announced they will be re-examining security procedures for the 2016 Olympic Games. Brazilian officials have said that more than 85,000 security agents will be at hand to help keep the peace, including 21,000 armed forces personnel. The armed forces will be in charge of securing Rio’s international airport, competition venues, and will be stationed along Copacabana beach, where the water sports events will be held. The air force will put up restrictions around Rio’s air space during the games.

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