The 5 best (and affordable) VR devices for your events
The 5 best (and affordable) VR devices for your eventsThe 5 best (and affordable) VR devices for your events

The 5 best (and affordable) VR devices for your events

VR (virtual reality) looks to be the next big technological revolution for events and event planners. Are you looking to bring that extra something to your next event to wow the audience? VR devices can bring attendees to other worlds and enhance presentations, and let’s be honest they are just plain cool! The tech can be expensive but half the cost is eliminated if you utilize something all attendees carry with them, which is their cellphones. The following list contains the best and most affordable ways to use VR at your event.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play (Price – $12)

The cheapest device on our list, but this is still another alternative to the other more expensive mobile headsets. While not the best device, it gets the job done and works with both Android iOS and phones. Mi VR Play is also amazingly cheap, rivalling Google Cardboard’s own prices.

Google Cardboard (price – $15)

Ready for some DIY? Cardboard is a low-cost virtual reality headset that anyone can build, and has a better control button and support for bigger smartphones of up to 6 inches. Google has opened up the platform to iOS developers as well, so you can cater to both Android and iOS users.

View-Master DLX VR (Price – $39.99)

Mattel’s 2nd-gen View-Master VR headset was the first to be sold in Apple stores but is has since disappeared. You can still pick it up from other stores online however. The DLX VR has a redesigned smartphone mount to work with more smartphone size and now offers headphone support and upgraded lenses from the first attempt.

Google Daydream View (Price – $79)

The Daydream View is comfortable, lightweight and attractively designed. Available in three different colors, the controller means you don’t have to hold your hand up to your head for controls, or buy an additional third-party device meaning you save on costs.
Google also recently announced that the headset will be getting more smartphone support over 2017. That means those who don’t own a Daydream-compatible phone will still be able to jump into Google’s VR headset. First, the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will get Daydream support this summer, before LG’s next flagship smartphone comes aboard.

Samsung Gear VR (Price – $99.99)

Fixing many of the faults with the previous Gear VR headsets, their latest device is now more comfortable, makes more room for glasses wearers, and has vents to prevent annoying screen fog. Samsung is continually adding more content and it’s not just games – there are short films and TV shows to watch as well. It’s the best you can get at home if Vive and Rift are too expensive for your event planning budget.
The device also recently welcomed a controller into the mix, which tracks your hand motion and has a circular, clickable touchpad, which lets you point, drag and drop objects, tilt (which should minimize motion sickness) and of course shoot in games. It costs a little more to pick up this version, but it no doubt adds to the immersion. This is the device we recommend if your event planning budget allows.

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