Teenager Sneaks into World Trade Center Tower
Teenager Sneaks into World Trade Center TowerTwitter.com/JustinCasquejo

Teenager Sneaks into World Trade Center Tower.

Disguised as a construction worker, a New Jersey teenager approached Ground Zero at 4am on March 16th. Squeezing through a hole in the fence surrounding the construction, Justin Caqsquejo got a lift up to the 88th floor of the tower, courtesy of a clueless union lift operator.

From there, Casquejo climbed the stairs up to the 104th floor, where he didn’t sneak, but leisurely walked past a sleeping guard. Having made it with ease to the top to the tallest building in New York, the 16-year-old allegedly climbed to the rooftop and up the antenna, snapped selfies on his cellphone, and spent over an hour taking in the view, undisturbed by security officers or authorized personnel. It was on his way down that Casquejo was spotted by a construction worker, reported, and turned into the authorities.

The following day, Casquejo tweeted “All I have is my computer at this point,” and “No phone..” surely because the authorities had confiscated it. On May 18th, Casquejo also tweeted “Inspired,” and gave a shout out to his Parkour team Destiny with the disposition of a teenager unaware of the consequences of his own actions.

The tallest building in America would no doubt hold great appeal to any enthusiast of “Parkour” a training/sport discipline in which practitioners try to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible by using their surroundings to jump, propel, and swing through obstacles by means of acrobatic techniques. Furthermore, the fact that the World Trade Center Tower is still undergoing construction could only have swelled Casquejo’s conviction break into the WTC.Casquejo will be assessed in a program for under-age offenders and his actions evaluated for jail alternative programs. Similar earlier cases were unveiled shortly after, one concerning two CNN employees who’s attempt to break in was not nearly as successful as the 16-year-old’s, and another in which four skydivers slipped through an opening in the fence surrounding the building, sneaked past inattentive security officers, and base jumped off the 104th level of the WTC.

With a state of the art security system estimated at around $40 million dollars, it is uncanny that a 16-year-old moseyed his way to the top New York City’s most safeguarded construction site. The security officer snoozing at the time of Casquejo’s break-in was immediately fired and the building’s head of security resigned shortly after, leaving the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, who own the site, searching for more reliable security alternatives.

Construction sites bring up security concerns not only to contractors and construction workers, but also to trespassers who fixated on the thrill of entering an off-limits perimeter, dismiss safety measures, becoming susceptible to accidents that may injure or kill them, and as a result, tarnish the reputation of contractors and their staff.

As evidenced by the 16-year-old’s break-in, throwing mounds of cash into security measures is meaningless if the $40 million dollar security system falters when a security guard dozes off. Security measures, particularly at sites that post precarious implications for contractors and personnel are a necessity. A multi-million dollar sum is not a fundamental piece in crafting and executing an effective security plan that prevents acts of trespass and vandalism, however choosing the right security provider and one with reliable staff for that matter, is of the essence.

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