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Tent Fumigation Security

Think beyond security surveillance

Tent fumigation is sometimes necessary to keep your home pest free. With tenting come several considerations one must take such as choosing alternate lodging during treatment, and preparing the home for the fumigation process. However, many homeowners forget a vital component in this preparation…security.

Our company will work with you to protect your home while it is in this vulnerable state. We can provide a complete and concise security plan that will guard your residence during tent fumigation from the other kind of pests called burglars and vandals.


We become part of your event planning team, creating a detailed security plan so you can have one less thing on your plate.

Before Fumigation

Step 1: You will be assigned a security evaluator who will meet with you to discuss the needs of your residence and visit the location for a full security analysis.

Step 2: Your security evaluator will create a customized security plan based on your location and the duration of the fumigation process.

Step 3: We train our security staff assigned to your residence to implement your customized security plan.

During Fumigation

Step 4: Security staff is assigned to guard your property.

After Fumigation

Step 5: If there is an incident, a report is made detailing any and all occurrences while your property was under guard surveillance. If there is no incident on the premises a report is not issued.