Businesses throughout South Florida continue to suffer the effects of the area’s high crime rate. Too often, they learn the value of hiring professional security consultants only after something bad happens.

We teach our clients that the backbone of effective security is a clear and grounded strategy.


Our security consulting program helps draw out the benefits of your existing security efforts by establishing a set of guidelines against which results can be measured, analyzed and improved.

Step 1, Evaluation: One of our professional security consultants will visit your site to get an overview of the security measures you currently have in place, as well as any specific concerns for your site(s).

Step 2, Planning: Your consultant will create a management plan that lists the ongoing protocols that your team will follow, as well as details on how to handle contingencies.

Step 3, Training: We’ll train your security team and appropriate Pro-Secur personnel to execute the customized security plan.

Step 4, Implementation: We’ll work with you to roll out the plan, implementing new security systems and personnel as needed.

Step 5, Reporting: We’ll begin to measure your team’s success against the metrics we established.

Step 6, Improvement Planning: We’ll update your security plan as needed to keep it running smoothly and effectively.

Pro-secur Advantage

Pro-Secur has provided security consulting to businesses in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Hollywood, and the surrounding areas since 1979.

Today, our comprehensive security options, including armed and unarmed services, are reinforced by our years years of experience in the security consulting field.