Full Security Outsourcing
Full Security OutsourcingIntegrated Security Solutions in Miami

We offer Full Security Outsourcing for a variety of client needs. Our most common requests include Event Security and the following:



Everyday security + Contingency planning

Construction site security is an intricate process that can be overwhelming for your already-busy site supervisors.
But failing to establish crime prevention procedures can result in delays, additional expenses and, in extreme cases, even the cancellation of a construction project.

Pro-Secur Advantage

We secure your site with armed or unarmed security officers and security protocols that will:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your access systems, CCTV systems, and other high-end technology solutions
  • Reduce the incidence of theft, unauthorized entrance, and vandalism
  • Reduce staff concerns and confusion


Theft and Shoplifting Prevention

From boutiques selling high priced items to large department stores we provide armed or unarmed security officers to exponentially reduce shoplifting incidents and even protecting your location from acts of vandalism after hours that could take place after business hours.

  • Shoplifting prevention
  • Reduce security concerns
  • Liaison with police authorities in case of a security breach incident


Community training + Everyday protection

Most security issues in a community can be avoided by the members of that community.
Our community safety programs study the risks and threats you and your neighbors are exposed to and address these concerns by crafting a plan and fostering security awareness.

Pro-Secur Advantage

We implement a custom plan of action for your neighborhood, including:

  • Customized security protocols
  • Trained, capable security officers
  • Safety protocol seminars and training for you and your neighbors


Countermeasure training + On-site protection

In recent years, campus safety has increasingly become a vital concern.
Security measures to protect staff, visitors, and mainly, students, are more necessary than ever.

Pro-Secur Advantage

We build a custom security plan for your campus that includes:

  • Separate countermeasure seminars for staff, family and students
  • Security officers trained specifically for your campus
  • Routine security protocols as well as contingency strategies


Intuitive client service + Pro-active security

We develop a complete client profile, while also respecting the privacy parameters set by our client.
Our team of trained, vetted security professionals establishes a chain of command that includes approved individuals on your staff, allowing for versatility when unexpected situations arise.

Pro-Secur Advantage

We work with training partners to ensure that all our executive protection staff is versed in:

  • Defensive and protective techniques
  • Tactical vehicle operation
  • Firearms
  • First emergency response procedures


We create a thorough client profile, then develop and implement your customized security plan.

Step 1: Evaluation – We get to know your locations, whether it’s a stationery site or a list of frequently visited spots.

Step 2: Planning – We present you with a detailed plan, involving routine tasks and contingency strategies that take into account your specific safety concerns.

Step 3: Training – We train your relevant staff and our security officers on the details of your plan as well as related skills they might need to help your site run smoothly and professionally.

Step 4: Staffing & Management – We put our plan into action.

Step 5: Reporting – We evaluate our strategy to determine whether any adjustments need to be made.

Step 6: Improvement Planning – We update your strategy, as needed, to make your security program run even more efficiently.