Four Escapes from Prison
Four Escapes from Prison Four Escapes from Prison

Security Innovations That Were Introduced In 2015

This year there were many new innovations and technological advances introduced to the industry of security protection. For those who weren’t able to keep up on all the unique devices or life-saving tools that were created, we have a recap of what practices have become effective and the technology that has changed and improved security operations.

Round-up Of 2015 Security Technologies & Innovations

  • Essex Electronics iRox Series – These smart card readers have modern low-profile design and come with Genuine HID Technology. The iRox series features audiovisual feedback, stainless steel construction, and epoxy encapsulated electronics. This new design reduces the cost of replacement and repairs due to vandalism or harsh environments.
  • Geofeedia Version 4.0 – This updated monitoring and analysis platform allows the use of location-tagged data in order to discover and analyze specific content across all the popular social media channels. Geofeedia gives you the ability to monitor social media by location across countries and more.
  • victor Video Management System – For those busy in the security industry, this victor VMS organizes and manages events, and facilitates the creation of incident reports. The video management system gathers relevant information such as charts, still images, videos, report data, and user notes. Then the information can be turned into a template and exported as an incident report to be used by internal management or external law enforcement.

Personal Security Innovations

  • MTS Multi-Threat Shield – It might look like the average laptop bag, but this bag from Force Training turns into a 3-foot long, lightweight, and discreet ballistic shield that offers protection from most handguns to submachine gun threats.

Security Officer Technology & Life-Saving Inventions

  • iACT Responder Bag – This trauma case provides life-saving medical treatments to use in an emergency until first responders arrive.
  • Life Safety Protocol – From Elevaed Medical Inc., this life safety protocol also utilizes the security officer(s) as medical responders in case of emergency.

Home & Business Surveillance Technology

  • BioCam300 – Want to unlock doors with facial recognition, any time of day? ZKAccess has the BioCam300 access control camera that can guarantee recognition even in low-light conditions.
  • Qylatron Entry Experience Solution – This unique security technology is the industry’s first comprehensive entry solution for public venues. The Qylatron makes entering larger attended venues, easier.
  • DefenseLite – From Impact Security, the Defense Lite polycarbonate panels are 250-times stronger than glass, and go over existing doors or windows.

For more advancements and innovations created for security protection, click here.

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