A 2-Step Guide to Clients on Security Guard Prices

Why cheap security is expensive

Clients have asked us to clarify our pricing in the past week, so we decided to post a 2-step guide to security pricing for our clients or anyone looking for a little guidance before outsourcing security. Learning to read the pricing policy of a service provider is VERY SIMPLE and will help you find the right company to match your needs.

The rule extends to any industry or product you’re looking to purchase, as an example, consider the razor blade industry. A pack of 12 single-blade razors can be purchased for less than $5 dollars. The shave might irritate your skin but for the most part, a single blade razor will get the job done. On the other hand, multiple-blade razor replacements alone can be $5 dollars each, on the bright side, there’s little risk of getting skin irritation when shaving with a 4-blade razor. Do you see where we’re going with this? We’re talking about costs: a single-blade razor is cheaper to make than a multiple-blade razor.

In the security industry, the biggest number (or cost) behind the hourly rate is the guard’s salary. Just as the cost of making razors varies with the number of blades, in the security industry, the better equipped the guard, the higher the salary. Most security guard companies pay minimum wage salaries to their security guards ($8.05 for FL, as of January 2015). If skin irritation is the effect of using a dull razor, consider lack of commitment as the effect of poorly rewarded guards.

Low wage rates are the main reason security is not taken seriously by many security guards. However, not all security guards think of their job as a “temporary gig”. A few, the best of their kind, think of their job as a legitimate career, and disposition alone makes this type of employee a better guard. The better type of guard does not work for minimum wage and therefore is seldom hired by companies that offer minimum wage and zero room for growth.

“The price difference is being deducted from the guard’s pay rate”

1. What type of duties do I need the guard to perform?

If you need a guard to greet homeowners or visitors at a gated community or help you manage guest arrivals at a party, you’ll need a guard with a positive disposition. In other words, you’ll need a sharper guard and our advice is that you find a company that hires the better prepared and better motivated type of guard.

2. Next, ask yourself this hypothetical question: if you shave with a cheap, single-blade razor and get skin irritation, did you really get “the biggest bang for your buck”?

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  • Carlos

    Excellent topic, Security guards today must be able to act and deliver quality in their performance on the site. This is a very important topic , each guard must pass a background check and receive a license from the state , certifying they have the ability and knowledge to preform the task. If you look at each guards background and experience most are just looking for some extra cash. This is why it is very important to ask this question ” Are you capable to follow the post orders and preform your function” this will give you a reference point. Experience,skills and knowledge are the baseline.
    Regards ,

  • joh

    Hi, your blog is excellent. i like it. thanks for sharing and i appreciate your work. we are also having a security guard company and new guard require most of the time.

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  • Antonio

    The best security its not very expensive… Its just… PRICELESS.

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