Recent Car Dealership Thefts, and How They Could Have Been Avoided.
Recent Car Dealership Thefts, and How They Could Have Been Avoided.

Recent Car Dealership Thefts, and How They Could Have Been Avoided.

Most dealerships can’t imagine what it’s like to discover that they were victims of multiple vehicle theft or loss of a significant amount of car parts. Some dealerships thefts were so damaging that they made the news. This blog will go over recent car dealership thefts, and how they could have been avoided.

Cars worth 400K stolen from Audi dealership

Police are searching for several suspects accused of stealing at least 12 vehicles worth $400,000 from a car dealership in Duluth. 
It happened at Audi Gwinnett early Sunday morning in between 3 and 6 a.m. According to the Gwinnett County Police Department, several suspects were able to break into the dealership, located on Satellite Boulevard in Duluth, and removed keys from a broken lock box. Then, the suspects removed the cars from the property.
Security guards patrolling the area outside and a guard stationed at the location of the lock box could have deterred the theft.
None of the 12 stolen vehicles have been located at this point. 

Car theft ring steals $2.3 million in vehicles

An international car theft ring focused on high-end luxury cars and sport utility vehicles caused problems for dealerships in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The thieves’ strategy was to visit dealerships just after the service department opened with limited staff, but before the sales team arrived. With service staff busy with customers, the thieves sneaked into the sales department, lifted unsecured car keys and drove off with the corresponding vehicles.

The dealerships affected could have prevented the thefts through a number of measures. For starters, any closed areas of the building should be securely locked. All staff should be trained in common crime tactics, as well, so they are alert to warning signs––such as a group of people arriving at the lot but then splitting up. Security cameras throughout the premises that are monitored during off-hours would have identified the thieves entering the sales area. Remote security professionals watching the surveillance systems would have let the thieves know they were spotted and that authorities were being called––encouraging those thieves to leave.

Tires and wheels valued at $300,000 stolen in Texas

Thieves that targeted Ancira-Winton Chevrolet in Leon Valley, Texas, stole tires and wheels from 45 vehicles, for a loss of $300,000. It’s estimated that it took six thieves less than seven minutes on each vehicle, which they left on blocks of wood. The lot had surveillance cameras, but they didn’t capture the criminal activity.
Peltier Chevrolet in Tyler, Texas, experienced a similar loss when $250,000 worth of tires and wheels were stolen from 48 of its vehicles overnight. Outdoor security lighting was destroyed, which made camera footage useless when viewed later.

In both instances, the dealerships relied on unmanned commercial video surveillance systems. With no security personnel watching events unfolding at their lots and taking action, thieves could safely steal the parts with no worries. Ancira-Winton made the mistake of having poor camera coverage and angles, so they gleaned very little useful information after-the-fact. At Peltier, lights weren’t protected with screens, so they were easy for thieves to destroy.

Used car lots targeted in Ohio

A dozen used car lots in Northeast Ohio were victims of a stolen car ring, with up to 100 vehicles stolen in only a two-week time span. Thieves broke into the offices, stole easily accessible keys and then drove through any fencing surrounding the lots.

Thieves also relied on keys that weren’t safely secured at night to steal more than $240,000 worth of vehicles at Brascar Auto Sales in Pompano Beach, Fla. Employees arrived in the morning to discover that 13 vehicles were missing.

Storing keys in a safe or a locked, tamper-proof cabinet or drawer can reduce the risk of key theft. Installing bollards––posts that are locked upright during off-hours––make it so cars can’t be driven off the lot. Both dealers would have benefited from interactive monitoring, so immediate action could have been taken when thieves arrive.

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