Four Escapes from Prison
Four Escapes from Prison Four Escapes from Prison

Predictions for Private Security trends In 2016

Private security is currently finding an amazing period of growth and 2016 could be the year that private security comes in the forefront, with continued innovations and success.

Businesses that are looking for more private security for their needs include healthcare, hospitality, and the public sector. This is because they are seeing important numbers back up their increases in security.

Healthcare facilities reported 19,360 violent incidents.

In the United States, active shooter events occur 24% of the time on K-12 and college campuses.

375 million people visit U.S. amusement parks and attractions annually.

The industry is also heading into high demand because of various public concerns, such as:

  • Stricter government regulations
  • Rising global security concerns – terrorism, crime, and natural disasters
  • Increasing frequency of attacks in theaters and hotels
  • New construction

The 2016 growth of private security is being seen because of increased government budgets, faster adoption of IP technologies, the convergence of IT and private security, and a demand for integrated security solutions.

So what are the predictions for private security this year?

  • School Security – Private security will become more apparent in schools, taking over for police and other organizations
  • New technology – This will help with the enforcement of security, such as drones and mobile access and controls
  • Integrated Security – Private security will feature better surveillance for clients and improvements in theft and fraud detection
  • Public Tragedy – With more publicized events, like the current Oregon militia taking over a federal building, the public will want better security companies to fulfill their needs.

If all of these predictions come true in 2016, then it will be a good year to be in or apart of the private security business.

Conversely, it will be advantageous for company managers to ensure that their budgets have money dedicated to the protection of the goods and services.

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