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Four Escapes from Prison Four Escapes from Prison

Precautions to take when renovating your home or business

So you’re finally going ahead with the renovations you planned for your home or business. Have you put together a safety checklist? A property under renovation is vulnerable and becomes an easy target for thieves and vandals. Planning for security during a renovation is as important as planning the new layout of a kitchen or master bathroom.
Contractors oversee safety for their own workers but you, the client, must consider the safety of family members or employees who visit the site to oversee the renovations.

Protecting Kids

Keeping kids safe around work sites is a job in itself and requires communication with the pros handling your renovation. Before work begins, tell the contractors the number of children in the house, their ages, and whether any are particularly troublesome. Parents should introduce kids to the project foreman, especially if the kids are at home while the renovations are taking place. In doing so, parents ensure children know workers will be going in and around the house. If the foreman needs to go into the house to turn off electricity, for example, the child will know it’s OK.

Securing Hazardous Materials

Before your renovation project starts, take note of any potentially toxic materials on the job site, including: lead paint, asbestos, and mold. Keep in mind that if the project includes demolitions dust can pose a serious health hazard. Always keep children and pets out of hazardous areas and away from toxic chemicals. Also, make sure that work crews are trained and prepared to take appropriate steps to keep those hazards from contaminating your living space.
Building materials (paints, adhesives, sealants, and varnishes) can emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, even when safely stored. Exposure to VOCs as well as other pollutants/toxins can cause immediate reactions, including respiratory irritation, headache, dizziness, and memory impairment. Some organic compounds may pose a cancer risk. The Environmental Protection Agency website has resources with detailed information on the mentioned toxins as well.
Don’t overlook safety prior to your renovation. Ask your contractor what steps he or she will take to avoid creating indoor pollutants and helping ensure the safety of your own.
Finally, invest in security to protect your property and valuables during renovation, especially if any points of access, such as gates, doors, or windows will be undergoing renovation.
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