Four Escapes from Prison
Four Escapes from Prison Four Escapes from Prison

Power Plant Security 101 – How To Protect Your Plant

Power plants play an integral role in our communities, from producing energy to power our homes and businesses to job creation. Given their integral role in contemporary life power plants require security to protect their facilities from attacks both physical and cyber.

Types of power plants include fossil fuel, nuclear, and hydroelectric.

3 Ways To Keep Your Power Plant Secure

  1. Physical Barriers – One way to protect power plants is with through architecture.  . Physical barriers such as fencing, and steel or concrete structures can be used to keep intruders out and keeping  what should be kept inside, from getting out.
  2. Checkpoint and Entrance Security – Security at entry point locations can deter vandals and lower the probability of intruders or unauthorized persons going into the building . Unlike security cameras, security guards become familiarized with personnel working on site and become adept at identifying new faces. Unlike a key card entrance system or security cameras, guards can actually interact with individuals and provide assistance to persons such as guests who while authorized to enter the premises, could use help in getting to their destination.
  3. Professional Security Patrols – Security patrols make rounds both inside and outside the perimeter, looking out for safety hazards that may cause harm to employees or even to the equipment at the plant.

In conclusion, it’s important to protect your power plant from the top to the bottom, establishing security and prevention procedures so that there are no delays in power and energy distribution.

At Pro-Secur, we have an expert focus in securing power plants. We can provide your power plant with highly-trained armed or unarmed security officers, protocols, and security strategies.

Let us make your power plant’s security our number one concern. For more information on any of the services we offer contact us at 305-418-9214 today.




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