Four Escapes from Prison
Four Escapes from Prison Four Escapes from Prison

Power Plant Security 101 – How To Protect Your Plant

Power plants are important to our society because of the integral part they play. From the energy we need to power our homes and businesses, to the jobs it creates for those in need, a power plant has multiple functions that have to keep in working order for it sustain those responsibilities.

With emerging threats ever since the September 11 terrorist attacks, the power plant industry has made it a priority in maintaining their safety and protecting the facilities from potential intruders.

If a power plant is not protected properly, then it is left vulnerable to attacks, both physical and cyber related.

That’s why it important to know how to protect your power plant and the people and contents inside.

3 Ways To Keep Your Power Plant Secure

There are various types of power plants; fossil fuel, nuclear, hydroelectric, etc.

All of these have unique responsibilities and any disruption can affect thousands of businesses and homeowners.

That’s why it’s important for the power plant to be efficiently secured and protected from any type of threat, from both the outside and inside of the facility.

  1. Physical Barriers – The first way to protect your power plant is with reliable outside protection. These physical barriers such as fencing, and steel or concrete structures can be used to keep intruders out and what is inside from hurting anyone outside.
  2. Checkpoint Or Entrance Security – With security at entry point locations, this can deter crime and neutralize any threats from entering. If you don’t want to allow a specific guest or only want to allow properly identified personnel on the property, then enlisting the help of expertly trained entrance security is the best way to keep your power plant secure.
  3. Professional Security Patrols – Having a professional security patrol doesn’t just mean that you have security guards located on the outside walking property lines. This also means that they are walking around the inside of the power plant and ensuring that nothing is happening to workers or the equipment that is important to making your business function.

In conclusion, it’s important to protect your power plant from the top to the bottom, establishing security and prevention procedures so that there are no delays in power and energy distribution.

At Pro-Secur, we have an expert focus in securing power plants. With the Pro-Secur Advantage, we can sure your power plant with highly-trained armed or unarmed security officers, protocols, and security strategies.

With our full security outsourcing, you can be assured your power plant’s security and safety is our number one concern. For more information on any of the services we offer, contact us today!

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