Police Drones May Soon Dispense Justice With Tasers
Police Drones May Soon Dispense Justice With TasersPolice Drones May Soon Dispense Justice With Tasers

Police Drones May Soon Dispense Justice With Tasers

It seems you can’t go five minutes on TV without seeing a commercial or show using a drone. Companies like Amazon want to deliver parcels using autonomous drones, but Taser wants to deliver something different with theirs: police justice!

The Future Of Law Enforcement

Taser is the company that makes stun guns (or rather “electrical smart weapons“) police officers use to subdue criminals. They also make body cameras and dash cams for law enforcement. At a recent event for law enforcement professionals Taser unveiled a prototype. The actual drone they brought along wasn’t one they made themselves but rather a modified unit carrying one of their smart weapons. Taser wants their drone to be adaptable, so the stun gun can be swapped for, say, a tactical flashlight to illuminate dark rooms before officers enter.

Difference Of Opinions

Back to the stun gun, is it really a good idea to weaponize drones? Opinions are split. An indication of police willingness to use high-tech solutions for dangerous situations came in July when Dallas cops killed a violent suspect with a bomb delivered by a robot. In a similar situation, a Taser-equipped drone could enable law enforcement to incapacitate a suspect at a safe distance before moving in to make an arrest.

However, critics are likely to fear that such a plan would ultimately lead to the police loading up drones with guns and other weapons. The day when U.S. citizens see police controlled weaponized drones flying overhead may be far off, but cops in India already have similar technology in their arsenal of crime-fighting tools. They have Several drones equipped with pepper spray canisters to allow officers to deal with unruly crowds.

Some see it as a slippery slope, paving the way for drones equipped with actual guns. They also point to studies that show stun gun use contributing to 510 deaths since 2001. Others say that Taser’s autonomous drone offers safety benefits for everyone — the public, police officers, and the criminals they’re pursuing. Letting a drone fly into a room, locate, and stun an armed suspect definitely sounds a lot safer than, say, officers bursting in with their weapons drawn.

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