Police Drones May Soon Dispense Justice With Tasers
Police Drones May Soon Dispense Justice With TasersPolice Drones May Soon Dispense Justice With Tasers

Police Drones May Soon Dispense Justice With Tasers

It seems you can’t go five minutes on TV without seeing a commercial or show using a drone. Companies like Amazon want to deliver packages using autonomous drones, but Taser wants to deliver something different with theirs: police justice.

The Future Of Law Enforcement

Taser, a company that manufactures stun guns (or “electrical smart weapons“) recently unveiled a drone prototype that can be equipped with a flashlight, pepper spray, or a stun gun.


Difference Of Opinions

Opinions on weaponizing drones vary. Weaponized robots proved to be of use to Dallas police during an altercation with a gunman in July of 2016. The gunman, who served the US in Afghanistan, used a sniper rifle to gun down five police officers. Later, the gunman barricaded himself in a Dallas parking lot, where negotiators spent hours trying to get him to put his weapons down and turn himself over to the authorities. When the negotiations led nowhere, Dallas cops used a robot to deliver an explosive and brought the standoff, and the gunman’s life, to an end. The incident has become a prime example for those who favor the use of weaponized robots by the authorities.


While some support the use of drones weaponized with tasers as a way of preventing the deaths of police officers, others see taser equipped drones as paving the way for drones equipped with deadly weapons. This has already happened in Mexico, where the drug cartels have equipped drones with hand grenade sized explosive devices. Authorities are calling these explosives “potato bombs”, and they have been used by the cartels to attack authorities and other rival cartels.


In the US, police controlled weaponized drones may be far off in the future, but that is not the case in other countries. Police in the capital of Uttar Pradesh in India already have similar tech at their disposal. Police there have several drones equipped with pepper spray canisters to allow officers to deal with mobs on the street.


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