In-House Security VS Outsourcing
Outsourcing VS. In-House Security

In-house Security vs. Outsourcing Security

Why running an In-house Security Operation is extremely time consuming

If your company protects valuable assets, security is a number one priority. Whether those assets are in the form of cash, information, or people, your company has a duty to protect itself. As varied as they are, each type of company has the same goal for security in mind. For many companies the question becomes whether or not the security should be provided in house, or outsourced.

A Smaller company will find it is more effective to use an outsourced security company instead of adding more employees to their payroll. The company would otherwise be relying upon current employees to do their job, as well as provide security for the business. This is usually ineffective.

Larger corporations have some real decisions to make when it comes to making decisions about in-house versus outsourcing their security. The larger companies will have the ability to add full-time employees whose main focus is security. But something to consider is the fact that outsourcing security is almost always a more cost effective solution to security needs. Where a full-time employee requires contracts, paid over-time, vacation time, benefits, and annual raises, a contracted security company can provide your company with easy access to security at one steady price.


Security companies have only one profession. Their job is to provide security. The guards that you will find through security companies have already been background checked, trained, and outfitted. They have years of experience and professionalism behind their belts. Chances are they have seen it all, and will be able to adapt to any situation.


Not only do these guards answer to you, but they are also held accountable by their own company. Officers are required to fill out event report forms, visitor schedules, and other forms that they must present to their supervising officers. Often, guards also help building managers with the upkeep of safety issues such as checking that fire extinguishers are functional and in line with fire department requirements, reporting dead light bulbs in areas where bright lights are necessary for safety measures, reporting leaks, busted door bolts, etc…


Although each company will have access to different technologies, security companies will provide the essential equipment for ensuring the safety of your company’s assets. Many companies (Pro-Secur among them) offer tour-tracking devices that allow not only the supervising officers, but also clients verify the activity of the guards on duty. Check points might be set up at key points of a large property for example at all access points and the guard on duty must use the tour-tracking device to scan the checkpoints set up by the supervising officer and complete tours of the site at pre-established intervals. With this technology, reports can be generated regarding critical operating information.

Static Costs

A contracted security company is able to absorb all of the overhead costs associated to establishing another department within your existing company. By investing in outsourced security, you can be sure of how much you will be spending. Adding a full time security staff may add an array of costs and administrative tasks that a security company is well endowed in handling. These cumbersome and expensive tasks can be easily handled by an outsourced company. You will not be affected by extraneous costs such as office space, liability insurance, payroll, federal and state taxes, and uniforms, for office based personnel. In addition, you are able to choose if and when your guards are on duty. Guards needed for special events are able to adjust schedules on demand and can be available any time of day or night. The total overhead costs can rise to almost $150,000 per year, per employee for 24/7 coverage.

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