New Technology Is Helping Security Guards In The Field
New Technology Is Helping Security Guards In The FieldNew Technology Is Helping Security Guards In The Field

New Technology Is Helping Security Guards In The Field

Every day there is new technology that is being invented to improve and benefit the needs and desires of mankind.

These advances are all around us, whether it is the smartphone or the increased protection of our country, the new technology is definitely not limited to just the consumer.

Which is why there are various security challenges that homes and businesses face on a daily basis, and new technology can help to assist in their protection.

Security companies are just one sector of the workforce that is benefiting from the technology advancements of late.

Improving security, specifically security guards, will increase efficiency and the effectiveness of the property they are enlisted to protect.

As we discussed in our previous blog, Security Innovations That Were Introduced In 2015, there are many new innovations in security technology from the last year that are helping to provide a better security guard service.

For example – the IACT Responder Bag, MTS Multi-Threat Shield, and the use of security drones for increased visibility.

With a transparency theme for police officers and security guards in the media, another newer technology becoming more popular is the tactical CCTV jacket. These jackets can be worn over security vests and provides a security guard control room with live video and footage as the security guards wearing the device traverses a perimeter or the building.

This doubles as a performance monitor for the client to see that the security guard is carrying out the procedures and policies set in place while on duty.

At Pro-Secur, we are always looking at ways to improve our expert security services. As we grow, we want to provide your home or business with the highest-quality service possible.

That’s why Pro-Secur has recently implemented a new technology for its security guards to use while on duty at a client’s site called Guardtek.

This mobile device has real-time activity transmission, reporting and metrics, GPS geolocation, incident reporting, patrol accuracy, and other various functions to replace older wand tech.

We know this technology will not only help our security guards to become more efficient but also give our clients a better peace of mind that their property is protected as best as possible.

Are you in need of a professional security force to handle your security needs? Contact us at 305.418.9214 and speak to a representative today.


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