New Security Technology for Hotels
New Security Technology for HotelsNew Security Technology for Hotels

New Security Technology for Hotels Around the World

Are you going to be traveling any time soon? For those of you planning to stay at a Starwood Hotel, you might be among the first to utilize a new innovation in hotel security. Starwood Hotels and Resorts has been running tests on a new security system that allows guests to bypass the check in desk and unlock their rooms with their smartphones.

The pilot program involved the use of smart locks that connect via Bluetooth to an application on smartphones like iPhone and Android. Through the app, guests can view exactly where their hotel room is located and go directly there by breezing by the desk. Once guests approach the door, they are able to unlock it via the SPG Keyless program on the app. Guests can check in, get their room numbers, and keylessly unlock their doors directly from their phones.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts are going to be rolling out the Bluetooth locks at 10 of its hotels. More are anticipated to join the program early next year. Hotels around the world will soon be using the new security technology – from Hong Kong to Times Square. 30,000 individual hotel rooms will be equipped with the technology. Hilton is planning to follow in their footsteps with their own keyless security system soon.

Although this new technology is highly innovative for the hotel industry, similar programs have been in use in other areas. The Kwikset Kivo Bluetooth Deadbolt lock is available for homeowners to install in their high security homes and includes access to a similar app.

It’s easy to be apprehensive about utilizing the new technology at first, but experts agree that a keyless entry is actually more secure than a standard analog lock. With a few simple tools, it is possible to break your way into standard lock and key locks. With the new keyless technology, the doors are opened through a series of secure steps. Even magnetic locks that are in place at most hotels currently are easily broken into.

Over 630,000 hotel rooms around the world are anticipated to be utilizing this new technology by 2016.

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