Mysterious clown sightings cause panic
Mysterious clown sightings cause panicMysterious clown sightings cause panic

Mysterious clown sightings cause panic

A troubling trend has been happening across the nation, people have been spotted dressing as creepy clowns and causing panic. Some have chased citizens through the streets and others have tried to lure children into the woods. Now that schools have sent warning letters home to parents, this phenomena can no longer be ignored. Here are the facts so far.

How did this start?

It all started in South Carolina. Back in the middle of August, there were reports that clowns were lurking in the woods outside the town of Greenville. One woman filed a report with the sheriff because her son saw “clowns in the woods whispering and making strange noises,” according to the incident report. Since the initial clown incident, there has been a rash of clown sightings, almost certainly due to copycat pranksters who have a bad sense of humor and decided to start celebrating Halloween early.

Incidents and sightings

A man in Kentucky was arrested for dressing up as a clown and hiding in the woods. In Alabama, a woman called 911 because she was terrified after seeing a man dressed like a clown in a Walmart parking lot. Schools in Ohio were closed. A clown in New York chased a teen out of the subway. There have been sightings in California, Texas, Florida, Colorado, and more, and of course each sighting brings more attention to the phenomenon. A full list includes most regions of the country, and clowns have even been arrested.

How big is this problem?

So far, the areas with the most reports of sightings is in the Northeast and South regions, but there have been incidents across the nation. The problem has gotten big enough that, at some universities where sightings have occurred, students have become vigilante clown-hunters. Police are urging the public to report incidents, but denounce vigilantism in any way.

Has anyone actually been hurt?

So far, nobody who has reported seeing a clown has been seriously hurt. That said, a teenager wearing a clown mask was stabbed to death by a man in Pennsylvania. Also, while it’s obviously not illegal to wear a clown costume, some police departments have said that wearing a clown costume just to freak people out is prohibited.

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