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Leveraging Social Media to Promote Your Event

The days of sending out RSVPs via snail mail are almost entirely behind us. In the information age, there are a number of much faster, more effective electronic mediums event promoters can use to market upcoming events and activities. Social media has afforded us with a host of new, creative ways to raise awareness and generate buzz for events. Today, we’ll look at a few ways to engage audiences online and make the most of your next event.


In terms of age demographics, Facebook has the broadest reach of any of the leading social networks. Whereas Instagram and Twitter tend to trend towards younger audiences, you can find people of all ages on Facebook. Bear this in mind as you plan your Facebook marketing strategy.

These days, Facebook events often serve as electronic RSVP organizers. Setting up a Facebook event is not only a great way to raise awareness about an occasion, but also to get a rough estimate of just how many people you can expect to attend the event. Pay close attention to the Facebook event’s privacy settings. If you want to limit your guest list, be sure to set the event visibility to “private” rather than “public.” This will ensure that only people who are invited are able to see the details of the event.


It’s should come as no surprise that the most visual of all the leading social networks has made quite a splash in the art world recently. Earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio even bought a mixed media piece by Brooklyn artist Jean Pierre Roy on Instagram. Instagram offers planners and promotors a great opportunity to provide prospective guests with sneak previews of what they can expect to see at an event. Recently, the folks at ArtNet News compiled a list of 10 ways to “Promote Yourself (and Your Art) on Instagram.” Check it out!


This is the place to provide people in your area with up-to-the-minute updates on the details of your event. Best of all, your Twitter promotion doesn’t have to stop on the day of the event. Consider live tweeting during the event to provide prospective guests with a window into the activity. This way, you can attract more guests who might not have been aware of the event beforehand. Twitter also allows you to cross-promote with other organizations in your area by mentioning them in your tweets and sharing their tweets on your page.


This is perhaps the most versatile medium for event promotion. Not only can a blog give your readers a better idea of who you are and what you do, it can also provide behind-the-scenes looks at the lead-up to an event. Maintaining a blog is also a great way to help your website get noticed by search engines. Another great virtue of a blog is that it can create a fountain of great content to share and distribute on your social media outlets. This is your chance to share your voice with your audience.

Here at Pro-Secur, we’re preparing for one of the busiest events of the year – Miami Design Week. Let us take the stress out of securing your event so you can focus on the promotion and execution. Give us a call today for more information.

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