Jumpstart Your Corporate Holiday Event Planning With These 3 Tips
Jumpstart Your Corporate Holiday Event Planning With These 3 TipsJumpstart Your Corporate Holiday Event Planning With These 3 Tips

Jumpstart Your Corporate Holiday Event Planning With These 3 Tips.

The checklist for planning a corporate holiday event may feel daunting, but don’t worry if you are confused about where to start.
There are the high-level details of where to host the event, when to have it and what type of event is appropriate for your company. You must decide on these components first before diving into details like the menu, table arrangements, lighting, audio-visual elements, entertainment, speakers, parking, gifts and RSVPs.
As you begin event planning for your company holiday party, ask yourself the following:

  • What is my holiday event budget?

    Talk to your company’s financial department to get confirmation on the budget allotted for the holiday event. You never want to start planning without a precise number.

  • What is the goal of our company’s holiday event?

    While a corporate holiday event is meant to be a celebration, this is not enough to define the true goal. Does your company hold a holiday private event for employees only, or are clients and investors invited as well? If your event involves the latter, you must budget for ways to showcase your company’s accomplishments and foster socialization between employees and clients.

1. Decide what type of corporate holiday event you want to host.

The type of private event you plan to host depends on the size of your company, how formal guests expect the event to be and if it is an all-night affair or an early evening reception. Once you determine the type of event, you are better able to decide if your company holiday celebration should be a seated dinner, a cocktail reception or a reception with food and bar stations. When you begin speaking with private event venues, ask upfront about their space capabilities and ideas for your event.

2. Have a guest list in mind before your first event consultation.

When you have your first consultation at a private event venue, come prepared with both your budget and a rough estimate of the number of guests you need to accommodate. This is the only way the venue’s event planner is able to offer you appropriate options.Also, keep in mind that most companies may have booked their event by the end of August, so options may be a bit limited as you near the holidays. However, your venue’s event planner should offer you a number of options to meet your company’s needs.

3. Ask potential venues if there are specific days when the private event room minimums are lower.

There is no reason why your corporate holiday event has to be on a Friday or Saturday evening. In fact, many companies opt to have their holiday parties on a Monday or Tuesday night and allow employees to get a late start to their work the following day.

By hosting your holiday event on a weeknight, where the private event venue’s room minimums are lower, you save money that may be used for other event details. You could also plan your corporate holiday party as a weekend luncheon or late afternoon function – this opens up your options as the holidays get closer.

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