Innovative uses for Security Tecnology
Innovative Uses for Security TechnologyInnovative Uses for Security Technology

Innovative Uses for Security Technology.

As part of the NFL’s new initiative to get new and improved data and statistics, they are reaching to new heights in terms of technology. For many years, the security industry has been using tracking devices to keep a close eye on the precise locations of vehicles and other moving objects. Now, the NFL is taking that technology to a new level and applying it to the players on the field.

Starting this season, NFL teams have been testing out RFID (radio frequency identification) tags as a means of gathering more in-depth data to gauge the performance of their players. The RFID tags have been incorporated into the uniforms of each player, beneath the shoulder pads. The tags will be able to gather information on the speed, location, and patterns. In total, seventeen stadiums have been outfitted with the proper equipment to track and record the data and within seconds, provide tangible statistics. Broadcasters now have access to the data almost immediately to use during their broadcasts.

The goal of using such technology is to change the way broadcasters, players, and fans look at the game. With such in-depth statistics available at a moment’s notice, coaches and players (and even fantasy football players) will be able to make better informed decisions about how to proceed throughout the game. The hope is that such information will be able to accurately portray each player’s position on the field, their speed, and when they begin experiencing fatigue. Eventually it will lead to fewer mistakes within the game. In the future, innovators are hoping to upgrade the technology to be able to detect heart rate, temperature, and lung capacity.

Teams will not be provided access to this season’s statistics until 2015 when all stadiums have been outfitted with the necessary equipment. Currently only seventeen NFL stadiums are properly equipped to record the data. The Bills vs The Bears in September was the first game to be tracked using the technology, although the data is not yet available to the public.

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