How The Secret Service Protects The President
How The Secret Service Protects The PresidentHow The Secret Service Protects The President

How The Secret Service Protects The President

With the election of a new President of the United States upon us, we thought you might be interested in what exactly goes into safeguarding the Commander-In-Chief and other high-ranking member in congress. There is a lot of procedure and protocol, but being a secret service agent is one of the coolest jobs in the security field.

Secret Service Branches

Founded in 1865, the secret service is made up of 3,200 special agents (the guys dressed in black with the ear pieces), 1,300 Uniformed Division officers, and over 2,000 others who perform technical and administrative tasks.
There are also eight supporting branches:

  • Airspace Security Branch
  • Counter Sniper Team
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Counter Surveillance Unit
  • Counter Assault Team
  • Hazardous Agent Mitigation
  • Medical Emergency Response Team
  • Magnetometer Operations Unit

24/7 Surveillance

When the president is in the White House, He is under is 24/7 surveillance 365 days a year. There are constant eyes on him even if he leaves. If he’s delivering a speech, snipers are posted on rooftops, and agents are spread throughout crowds. White House tours are don’t allow groups larger than 10—whether or not the president is home, you also aren’t allowed to bring cameras, purses, strollers, or pretty much anything besides your phone.

Code Names

Did you know that the secret service communicates through code? That’s how they confuse anyone eavesdropping for info. Each president gets to choose his (or possibly her) own nickname. President Obama chose Renegade.

Personal Detail

The president, presidential family, and vice president all get permanent personal protection units. Secret Service agents can decline this responsibility, but once they accept, they stay with those they are assigned to throughout the entire term.

Contingency Plans

The people who protect the president plan for everything. There is a contingency plan to account for every possible scenario. For example, the president can never be more than 10 minutes from a trauma center. The Secret Service also shuts down highways when the president travels to decrease chances of an attack, performs background checks on hotel workers and anyone else who may interact with the president, and always sweeps a room before the president enters. This kind of planning helps them anticipate issues, train for emergencies, and keep the president out of harm’s way.
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