How to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad
How to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

How to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

With Summer here many people are traveling abroad to have the vacation of their dreams. We want you to have a great trip so we have provided these tips to keep you safe while traveling. Below Are over a dozen travel tips you should take note of.

1. Be informed about your destination

In big cities you should know the areas which are safe and those which are dangerous for tourists. As a citizen from Europe or North America you are easy recognizable in Africa, Asia or South America – in metropolitan areas the poor and rich live close to each other, therefore you should inform yourself which areas are safe to stay in if you choose your accommodation.

If you are at your Hotel/Hostel/Apartment you should talk to the reception as these guys know the city better than you and can give you recommendations where to go.

2. Try learning the language

If you plan to stay longer in a certain region we highly recommend learning the language – not only does it enrich the travel experience it also helps you when you run into problems. 

There are many free online language courses to learn other languages such as Duolingo.

3. Have travel insurance

When you plan a trip abroad we highly recommend getting travel insurance to ensure emergency medical and evacuation assistance, and 24/7 support when you need it most.

4. Keep an eye on your belongings

Especially when you are in transfer mode (traveling from one spot with all your luggage to another) you should always keep an eye on all your stuff – when traveling with a backpack you could use a rain-cover to protect yourself from getting pick pocketed.

Bus stations, airports or busy spots are the favorite places for pickpockets therefore you should never leave your luggage unattended.

5. Only make withdrawals inside banks

Skimming an ATM is a common practice all around the world – ATMs are manipulated and copy the data on your card in the slot where you insert your card. Since you will most likely need cash when traveling you should withdraw money only inside banks during the opening hours because ATMs get skimmed mostly during the off-peak-hours and in public areas like shopping malls.

6. Choose a good travel credit/debit card

In emergency situations you should have a card from a provider/bank that offers 24/7 support and comes with some sort of safety mechanism. If your card gets copied security protocols can alert misuse and block the card. When you decide to get a credit card have a look at the safety section or ask your bank for more details.

7. Know the phone number to block your cards

If you get mugged or you notice misuse of your card, you should immediately call your credit card provider to block your card. Mostly this certain phone number is displayed on the back of your card: make sure to write it down separately.

8. Carry passport and cards close to your body

You can use a money belt to secure most important items underneath my clothes – it is not visible for others and almost impossible to access for pickpockets.

9. Carry a travel wallet to pay for things and food
If you pay in shops, on the street, or in markets you should always use a travel wallet where you carry around only the money you need for this day. That way, in case you get mugged you have something you can give to thieves.

10. Be aware of Scams

There are various types of scams all over the world therefore you should inform yourself which scams are popular at your destination to notice it before you get pick pocketed.

The mustard scam is a very popular one: somehow some mustard gets sprayed on your shirt/jacket, suddenly some helpful guys appear and offer to clean it for you – meanwhile they steal your valuables while cleaning your shirt.

11. Make a copy of your passport and login data

Losing your passport will get you into trouble therefore you should only carry it around if you really need it. In most situations you only need to have a copy of your passport.

12. Travel in a group

When it get’s dark it also gets more dangerous in many places. If you want to enjoy a night out it’s always a good idea to go out as a group and take care of each other.

13. Take care of your drink

If you’re partying, you should always keep an eye on your drink or keep it close to you – it happened at many places that people put drugs or “roofies” in drinks of others.

14. Pay with small bills

To avoid getting fake money you should always try to pay with small bills – after getting money out of the ATM try to change it in you hotel/hostel.
Like in this video from Buenos Aires there are some scams to change real money with fake money and make you pay twice.

15. Have a list with emergency numbers

In case of an emergency you should always know the numbers to call: insurance, family, bank, doctor…Make a list of these numbers – for calling I recommend using a Skype-Account as it is cheap and you only need Wi-Fi to call.

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