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How to Protect your Exhibit items at Special Events

How to Protect your Exhibit items at Special Events

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Special events such as tradeshows and conventions are prime targets for thieves. The large crowds and activity during an event can make it easy for exhibition items to be stolen, and venues aren’t going to take financial responsibility for theft. Read on for how to protect your exhibits at special events.

Plan for Security

Don’t wait until day of the show to plan your exhibit security. Here are some steps to follow to keep track of items.

Make a list of your exhibit items.

Write the serial numbers and values of all exhibit items, and take photos of everything in your shipments to and from the show. This info can be used at the show as a checklist to verify that everything shipped has arrived. An itemized list very useful in the event you have to file an insurance claim.

Purchase door-to-door insurance.

Exhibit items can get damaged or stolen during shipping and while they’re on the show floor, so insure your property with a “door to door” policy. This will cover the valuation placed on the items you’re shipping on the way to the event, at the event, and after the event.

You can get this all-risk insurance by purchasing a per-show policy or adding a show rider to your existing corporate insurance policy. Talk to your company’s risk-management or accounting department to find out what your corporate insurance policy covers, as well as limits of liability, deductibles, and the documentation required to file a claim in case of loss, damage, or theft.
Use decoy packaging.

Use nonworking products or empty boxes for displays whenever possible. That way you aren’t putting any actual products at risk during the event.
If you must demonstrate working products try securing them with locking titanium security cables, or secure them in lockable showcases, or bolting them to your exhibit counters.

Be mindful of your surroundings.

Be vigilant. Keep a lookout for people lingering near your booth on the show floor, or anyone not wearing proper badges or identification. Report anything unusual as quickly as possible to the venue management or a guard that is on-duty.
Leave expensive items in shipping boxes in your booth space as long as possible during setup to decrease the amount of time they spend out in the open.

Hire security guards

There is simply no better deterrent to theft at an event than a vigilant security guard, plain and simple. Not only will hiring a guard prevent theft, it will allow you to focus on your exhibit and interact with potential clients and network as well. Imagine the time you will waste if you have to keep a look-out for your show items, time you could be using to make presentations or speaking with prospective business partners, or simply marketing your product to everyone near your booth.

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