How to Make Rental Properties More Appealing with Affordable New Updates
How to Make Rental Properties More Appealing with Affordable New Updates

How to Make Rental Properties More Appealing with Affordable New Updates

Property maintenance can eat into your revenue and cause stress, however: there are easy and affordable ways to keep up your property and increase your cash flow at the same time. Find out how to make your rental properties more appealing with these new and affordable updates.


Landscaping can directly reduce your vacancy rate. If you’re willing to a do a little work yourself, landscaping materials can be inexpensive. Make it a practice to have nice flowers when weather permits. An inviting property is a rentable property.

Pressure Wash

People will spend tens of thousands of dollars on renovations, but won’t pay to properly clean the outside of a house. Pressure washing a property makes a big difference in how a home looks.
You can pay to have a house pressure washed or you can do it yourself. It’s easy to pressure wash a house with a long wand.

Add a New Coat of Paint
Painting has the highest return on investment for any rehab budget. However, you can enjoy an even higher return on investment by buying paint in bulk.
A lot of investors buy badly mixed paint that paint stores and hardware stores sell at a steep discount. The problem with buying these kinds of paint, when you’re working on a large-scale, is if you have to do any touch-up work, it’s a nightmare to match paint.

We highly recommend you negotiate a discount for a large bulk order of paint. You should be able to get another discount by opening a company account where you buy paint.

Replace Cabinet Doors

Most people consider replacing worn-out cabinets entirely. But you can replace just the cabinet doors with high-quality, solid wood doors, as well as the hinges and knobs. Then you can paint the doors. Don’t try to use Ikea cabinet doors on non-Ikea cabinet frames.

Replace Doors

Doors tend to get damaged at rental properties. Most investors either ignore this damage or cover it up with some touch-up paint. However, new doors dramatically increase the visual appeal of a rental unit, and they aren’t that expensive.

Your local hardware store is generally the best place to get the lowest prices. You should also check with a local building supply company, which may have extra doors at a deep discount. With a little help, you can install a new door without changing the frame.

Install Wood Flooring

Choosing carpet for a rental property is a rookie mistake. Carpet is NEVER a good option. Carpet gets stains and looks dingy after minimal wear. Generally, carpet in rental properties needs to be replaced every five years.

Wood flooring is more affordable than most people realize. Shop around, and you may be able to buy flooring for about the same price as an expensive piece of carpet.

Tenants love wood flooring.
This will help your property standout compared to other rental properties they are considering.
Wood flooring rarely needs to be replaced.

This is a huge cost advantage for you. And wood flooring is fairly easy to fix when necessary.

Add Backsplashes

Backsplashes add value to your properties. They are durable and easy to clean. You need to be careful with the type of backslash you choose, however, because some backsplashes date a property. Choose a classic look that is timeless, and avoid trendy colors. For example, white subway tiles make a good choice; frosted turquoise, not so much.

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