How Property Managers Can Utilize Social Media To Communicate With Renters
How Property Managers Can Utilize Social Media To Communicate With Renters

How Property Managers Can Utilize Social Media To Communicate With Renters

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Millennials are now the largest group of renters in America. They do practically everything by smartphone, and social media is a part of their everyday existence. How can property management teams utilize social media to support and communicate with modern renters today?

Respond to Resident Inquiries

Encourage residents to reach out to you via social media. Asking questions or bringing up minor concerns will let current renters feel they have an open line of communication with the manager. Engaging and answering renter inquiries on social media will also let prospective renters get a feel for management’s customer service style, and show that you are keeping up with tech trends.

Send Out Notifications/Alerts to Residents

Social media is arguably the fastest way to share important notifications with residents. For example, you could let them know that there will be landscaping happening throughout the community on a certain day, alert residents to lock their cars at night to protect their valuables, or notify them that the community pool will be closed for maintenance that day.

Maintenance Updates

Speaking of maintenance, how about using social media to keep residents updated about property repairs and maintenance? Your management team can update residents on renovations that could affect parking for certain units or that a new playground is being build on-site. You can ask residents to share feedback on improvements they would like to see made. You can document progress to projects with photos and send to residents instantly. Your residents can be an extension of your social media outreach by re-posting and re-sharing your updates and pics.

Promote Events At Your Property

Promoting an event through social media at your property has many benefits. Let’s use the opening of the new community pool for instance. You could announce the grand opening of the pool and encourage residents to stop by and enjoy free snacks and meet their neighbors (promoting your community to prospective renters at the same time by sharing pics of the new amenity and happy residents).

Even if you only manage a few units, you can use social media to inform your renters about local community events like free art festivals and outdoor concerts.

Spread Awareness About Vacancies

Free advertising! You can share information about units that you need help filling to thousands of people in your area. You could offer a referral reward (a gift card or rent discount) to encourage residents to share vacancies on their social media as well.

Market Your Brand

Show prospective renters pictures, videos, and other tidbits about life at your property. Snap a photo of your recent resident mixer, or post a video residents and their pets at the new on-site dog park. Remember, social media is intended to be social, engage with your audience and respond to questions, comments, and inquires in a professional and timely fashion. Make daily or weekly updates to keep your property in the minds of current renters and future ones. As a rule though, don’t just post about your brand or property everyday, mix things up by sharing a funny video or helpful tip to keep people coming back to your social media channel.

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