How Property Managers Can Attract The Right Clients
How Property Managers Can Attract The Right Clients

How Property Managers Can Attract The Right Clients

In property management its all about your portfolio of clients. Finding the very best clients is the best way to grow your business, your revenue, and your reputation. Here’s how property managers can attract the right property clients to grow their business.

How Do You Attract the Right Property Owners?

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Ask for referrals from local real estate agents, associations, and clients in your portfolio.

Grow a strong relationship with your most valuable clients to make it easy for them to send other owners your way. It’s as simple as having a business card handy that lists your contact information and website; and then let your client know that you’d appreciate referrals.

Aside from handing out a business card, you could host an open house event that invites potential property clients to get to know you and your staff. Getting to know prospective clients is also a great way for you to do a little research on them before signing any contracts.

Advertise What Your Company Is All About


What are your vision, purpose, and values? Your company values can be a great marketing tool for you to communicate expectations and partner with clients who share your values. Utilize your website and social media profiles to explain who you are and what’s important to your property management business.

Don’t just talk about values, make sure that you’re actually implementing them in every aspect of your property management. Prospective clients researching your current listings, inquiring about you, and even talking to your current tenants will find out whether you are the real deal.

Pre-Screen Clients Just Like Your Renters

You screen potential renters, why not potential clients? Working with a troublesome client can create problems that could affect your business reputation and bottom line. Taking time to pre-screen owners will weed out problematic clients and make long-term success easier for both parties.

At the initial meeting ask the client about their previous experience with property managers, do a walk-through of the property, ask questions about the property itself, financial goals the client is aiming for, and the expectations they have for your management services.

Make Sure The Client Is A Good Fit

Before finalizing any contracts with clients, evaluate the fit. Will taking on this client and their property affect your ability to deliver excellent service to your other clients? Though a new client may bring in new revenue, poor communication and irritated tenants will affect your reputation and earnings in the long haul.

Before Making things Official Ask These Questions:

  • What are your expectations for your property manager?
  • What’s is a well-maintained property to you?
  • What are you communication expectations from your manager?
  • Will you let us provide all preventative and repair maintenance?

Follow these steps and you will insure that the next client in your management portfolio will be a great one.

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