How Drones are Changing the Event Industry
How Drones are Changing the Event IndustryHow Drones are Changing the Event Industry

How Drones are Changing the Event Industry


One of the most practical uses for drones is the ability to record video from nearly any angle, at any altitude, while on the go. Live video from drones can make the event experience more immersive. It creates a unique POV that more events can adopt for multiple use.


Concerned about the safety of your events? You might want to consider drones as a tool for surveillance (backed up by quality security guards of course).
For large events, drones can be equipped with cameras that can point out potential problems happening at your event such as rowdy attendees or a more complex security breach.
In the near future drones will be equipped with technology able to understand whether weapons are being introduced at events. While not much is known, it seems drones will power such a security revolution.

Wi-Fi and Phone Reception.

Wifi signals may vary in strength or not work at all during events. It can be a nuisance to event professionals and attendees but nobody seems to find a solution.
Did you know drones can actually help fix this issue by working as cell towers? They can become additional cells to ensure strength of signal and access to existing mobile networks at events. When Wi-Fi networks get bombarded, more attendees rely on their mobile plans to access the Internet and make calls.
At large events, cells get immediately crowded, why not have a few drones flying around providing great Wi-Fi so your guests can post on social media about what a great time they are having at your event?


Drones are capable of collecting large amounts of data these days. By far one of the most common applications of drones outside of the consumer world.
Gathering exact numbers of people in attendance at free events or passing by a booth remains a challenge. Drones can offer event planners a portable and cost effective solution to measure these stats.

Whether planning big or small events and your objective is to connect, secure or engage attendees, it seems that drones will play a major role in the event industry.

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