Creating an Inviting Hotel Atmosphere
Hotel Security and Concierge GuardsHotel Security and Concierge Guards

Creating an Inviting Hotel Atmosphere

At risk of stating the obvious, your guests view your hotel as their home away from home. During their stay, hotel guests are looking for a relaxing and stress free experience while enjoying the same comforts that they value in their own homes. It goes without saying that as a hotel manager, your hotel works hard to do its best to ensure each guest is provided with a top notch service during their stay. From a spotless room, to access to various amenities, your guests are offered the best.

In order to stand out from all of the other hotels, offering the royal treatment to guests, pampering them from the minute they enter the lobby door. Starting immediately, guests are greeted at the door of luxury hotels by courteous concierge guards who are available to help with luggage, open doors, and guide visitors in the correct direction. Creating a plan to supply your hotel with around the clock concierge guards not only ensures your guests never have to carry their own bags, but it increases the safety and security of your property and the property of your paying guests.

Unlike a tactical guard or event security guard, who might carry a gun and be outfitted to send the “stay away” message, concierge guards are available to welcome and provide the best experience possible for guests. What exactly can a hotel concierge guard do for the hotel?

Provide Guest Support

Concierge guards are the first friendly faces to greet your guests. As they emerge from their cars or taxis, each individual is greeted and assisted as they figure out where to go to check in. The overall appeal of having a concierge guard at your disposal leaves a great impression on guests as they first approach your building. As you know, concierge can also be available to help call for rides, direct to local attractions, and keep an eye on the goings on of the whole building.

Provide Building Security

As mentioned before, our guards are highly trained in more than just greeting guests. Concierge guards are taught to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and assist in any emergency. Through our use of technology we have the ability to maintain constant contact between employees at all times. Not only are you ensuring a welcoming environment for guests, but you are also sending the message that your business values safety and security. All of our concierge guards are cross-trained in customer service, privacy control, and concierge services.

Provide Assistance During Emergencies

On top of the additional levels of customer service that concierge security can provide your guests a hotel establishment, there’s also the benefit of their assistance during unforeseen emergencies. Although hotel staff should always be well trained to evacuate guests during emergencies, handling large numbers of guests, especially during a situation where there is no room for delays or mistakes can be an overwhelming task. Concierge guards are also familiarized with emergency evacuation procedures at any hotel or residential building. Furthermore, guards that represent companies with a crowd management license will undoubtedly be more adept at directing large crowds during emergency evacuations.

In addition to making for a safer hotel environment, concierge guards are also available for private sites, housing, and condos. For more information on hiring a concierge guard for your property, visit our hiring page on our website.

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