Hospitality Industry Trends for 2018
Hospitality Industry Trends for 2018

Hospitality Industry Trends for 2018

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They say change is the only constant, and that certainly holds true for the hotel industry. Brands are on the lookout for new ways to improve their customers stay and exceed their expectations. The following will take a look at some hospitality trends for 2018 that owners, managers, and guests should look out for.

Co-Work / Life Spaces:

Co-working and Co-living spaces are beginning to shift the Hospitality industry’s focus away from the guest room and towards public common spaces, such as the lobby, in an effort to position themselves as hubs of social engagement and business networking. The idea of co-working spaces isn’t new, but adding co-working space to the lobbies of many of the world’s largest and most recognizable hotel brands and changing the traditional functionality of the lobby is making guests rethink how they view hotels.
The lobby is incredibly important to the overall image and reputation of the hotel, as this is where a guest makes that crucial first impression. It’s this first impression that is paramount to the guest experience for many hoteliers, and designers are exploring new and exciting concepts to capitalize on this pivotal moment while still retaining the spaces functionality, visual appeal, and overall balance.

Co-working spaces are designed for both work and comfort and are highlighted by:

•       Workstation areas / Workspace versatility
•       Balancing Luxury and Functionality
•       Green features / Indoor-Outdoor spaces
•       Office-level technology / High-speed Wi-Fi / Video capabilities
•       Spaciousness / Open concept

Equally as exciting, the co-living space is a trend on the rise and is one of the more interesting trends occurring in the hospitality industry. The co-living space trend is rooted in the upstart sharing economy spearheaded by disruptive companies such as Airbnb.
With the increasing emergence of digital nomads and remote workers and travelers. This trend is on the horizon stateside as well, and many in the tech industry are already anticipating this innovative new approach to the hotel space.

Trend Motivators:

•         Attracts business travelers who account for $280 billion each year
•         Business travel is expected to rise heading toward 2018
•         Millennials are driving co-living/working economy

Locally Sourced

There is a growing emphasis in the hospitality industry on artisanal, handcrafted, and locally sourced everything, as the demand for hotels to showcase local products and art has taken on a new level of importance. This has led to hiring more local artists, craftsmen, and artisans to incorporate a local vibe into the overall design aesthetic of a hotel, and is also a way for hotels to distance themselves from the overly generic/corporate feel of the hospitality industry.

The Showcasing Local trend is quickly gaining steam and the hotel industry is changing rapidly to accommodate. The reason for the momentum is due in part to the overall trend towards local experience and getting to know an area.

This trend is a direct response to the growing popularity of Airbnb and the home-sharing experience that provides a local experience built into its walls. This emphasis on local and regional goes beyond the décor that guests experience in lobbies and guest rooms however, it also applies to the restaurants, bars, and eateries that are often found within or attached to the hotels.

Trend Motivators:

•         Guests desire for localized or regional experiences
•         Helps hotels compete with home-sharing companies
•         Provides a more immersive, genuine experience
•         Improves guest reviews

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