Homeowner Halloween Safety Tips
Homeowner Halloween Safety TipsHomeowner Halloween Safety Tips

Homeowner Halloween Safety Tips

We are coming up on one of the most fun times of the year for adults and kids. Trick-or-treaters will be out in force in all sorts of costumes looking for candy and causing mischief. As a homeowner, it is important to provide as safe an environment as possible, not just for all who visit your home looking for candy, but for your family and friends as well.

Trim Hedges and Bushes

One of the most important (and often overlooked) Halloween safety tips to follow is keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed on this night. This will increase the overall visibility of your home and keep trick-or-treaters visible (both for their safety and yours). This also reduces the risk for any car accidents that may occur in the street when visitors are coming and going from your property.

Have a Clear Path On Your Driveway

Another precaution to take is to keep a clear path on your driveway. To avoid having to pay for someone’s injuries, the best thing to do is keep your decorations to your yard or just stick with Halloween lights on your hedges and bushes mentioned above. Also, make sure that if you have lights or plastic items along the ground, they are not located in a place where someone could trip on it and/or cause a fire hazard.

Keep your Lights on

As a homeowner, one of the most important Halloween safety tips that you should keep in mind is to make sure that your lights are on. With your lights turned on, it leads people to believe that you are at home (even if you really aren’t). This reduces risk of a break-in to your home when you aren’t there, and reduces risk of your home being damaged or vandalized by the ghouls and goblins of the night.

Practice Jack-O-Lantern Safety

Jack-O-Lanterns as outdoor decorations are quite common, so it is important to follow basic Halloween safety tips regarding their use. First of all, place them in a location with minimal to no foot traffic to avoid accidents. For example, putting them on either side of the pillars of your garage might be one idea, since they are less likely to be kicked or knocked over.
Keep in mind when using Jack-O-Lanterns to avoid open flame at all costs. Do not place a candle in a Jack-O-Lantern, it may be tradition, but it is safer to use battery-operated light that shimmers and flashes, imitating flame-like patterns to give your carved pumpkin a realistic effect without the hazard of causing a fire to your property or someone’s costume.

Keep All Pets Indoors

You will likely get a lot of trick-or-treaters on this night, so the increase in guests may overwhelm or upset your pet. Though you may have a friendly animal, the commotion and trick-or-treaters’ costumes may upset your pet, so in order to prevent anybody from leaving with a bite-mark, you are better off keeping your pets inside.

Follow these safety tips If you want to have a fun, safe, and spook-tacular time this year. Happy Halloween.

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