Four Escapes from Prison
Four Escapes from Prison Four Escapes from Prison

Holiday party security, are you prepared?

A horrible tragedy occurred recently when a mass shooting took place in San Bernardino. A married couple, one of them a health department employee, opened fire at  a banquet hall where 80 Department of Public Health employees were gathered for a holiday event.

22 were injured and 14 people were killed in the San Bernardino terrorist attack, making it the deadliest attack since Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

A shooting should be the last thing on most people’s minds when planning a company event or holiday get together. Sadly, these tragedies are taking place much too often, often enough that the safety of guests at social gatherings is moving up on the list of event planners across the country. Take a look at event planning blogs, where a few years ago event security was featured sporadically, there are now entire blogs dedicated to this subject.

Make Sure Your Holiday Party & Events Are Secure

It must be said that the total safety of guests at a social gathering cannot be guaranteed. Tragic shootings from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino demonstrate that disturbed individuals who are armed and determined to harm innocent people are often stopped too late. Persons who pose a danger to society have existed since the dawn of communal life and will continue to plague our cities, which is why we must equip ourselves to, if not prevent, throw a wrench at their destructive efforts.

Planning a holiday party and planning for the safety of your guests is  not something that necessarily goes hand-in-hand. As an event planner or host, there are many arrangements that require your full attention. Planning a security operation is in itself an endeavor that requires intricate planning and scheduling, the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. That’s what security experts at Pro-Secur and other security companies are in business for.

Whether large or small, put your event’s security in the hands of professionals. Event security experts can create a security plan to monitor access and egress of guests, stave off party crashers, and most importantly to keep an eye out for suspicious individuals or behavior and to immediately sound the alarm to guests and to the authorities should the need arise.

At Pro-Secur, we’ve been helping businesses and events with effective security services since 1979. Event security a concern for you this holiday season? Contact us today for a consultation.




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