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Complete Security Planning Complete Security Planning

Homeowner’s Association Managers: Is Your Condo, Gated Community Or Neighborhood Secure?

When we are searching for a home for our family to live in, there are various criteria the home and area must fit in, in order to be considered. For most people who are home searching, the location in question should have solid schooling, low property taxes, easy accessibility, and safe and secure for all who enter.

As managers of a homeowner’s association (HOA), it’s imperative that you try to meet some, if not all of these criteria, especially when it comes to the security of your residential subdivision.

That’s one of the key benefits and attractions to living in a complex, or owning a home or condo in an HOA is that you can count on security being a top priority.

But the security detail is not something that you as an HOA manager can do yourself. And if you are concerned about keeping your tenants or residents secure, and aren’t sure how to do so efficiently and effectively, then this post is for you.

Why You Need A Professional Security For Your HOA

Unfortunately, crime happens all the time – loitering, theft, trespassing and vandalism are just a few of the common criminal activities that HOAs are afflicted by.

It is always important to extensively train your tenants about staying safe and showing them that preventative acts can deter crime. Yet, pre-planning for those types of criminal acts can only go so far.

That is where a professional security company that specializes in neighborhood security can come in to supplement your pre-planning.

With a complete security company at your disposal, you can study the risks; assessing the concerns of the tenants and the threats that they might be exposed to. Then with that data in hand, create a security plan and keeping awareness.

Another service provided by a professional security company that is beneficial to an HOA is the tactical security guard.

Most often, an HOA is a wide and open area. That means a security guard must be able to walk long distances and be trained in customized security protocols, keeping the large area secure.

Being educated in site-specific issues, discretion and problem solving is what really makes a tactical security guard better than your average security guard.

If you are an HOA manager in southern Florida and are looking for a full security outsourcing to address your security concerns, Pro-Secur can accommodate all your security needs. For more information and tips for security prevention, please contact us at 305 418 9214 today!

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