In-House security Team

Google Creates an In-House Security Team

Google will no longer outsource its security operations

Google made an announcement recently that has the rest of Silicon Valley thinking about the future of their businesses’ internal operations. In the past, Google has worked with an outside company to provide its security for their Silicon Valley headquarters. Recently, however, Google executives announced that they would be embarking on a switch to making its security team part of the Google payroll. But why are they choosing to do this when it could be more effective to outsource security? As we’ve mentioned previously, outsourcing security specialists may save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

It turns out that Google has some valid reasoning behind their choice to make the switch. Executives at the multi-billion dollar company have reported this transition is motivated by goodwill and for the social betterment of the community.

The average income for a Santa Monica security officer is around $14 per hour, whereas the salary for a Google software developer is almost four times higher. Google employees in addition are offered benefits, such as retirement plans, that are not an option to the guards working at Google but employed under a private security contractor.

Security officer Manny Cardenas had worked with the Google security team in the past but reconsidered his position when his inconsistent schedule and lack of benefits hindered him from making ends meet. With a daughter to support, Cardenas needed to be sure that he was able to have predictability in his work schedule and medical coverage. Cardenas isn’t alone in his thoughts regarding the security industry. For many guards who are undervalued and underpaid, the job as a security guard isn’t taken as seriously as it should. Unmotivated security officers often regard the position as a part-time gig as opposed to a career which they mean to maintain.

A problem that has developed with underpaid guards is the susceptibility towards demotivation and high turnover rates. Any person in an underpaid position is unlikely to perform to high standards in the long haul.

For Google, the change means that their new security teams will have the potential to work full time, a change that could mean a lot to those who are currently underpaid. “A year ago we in-sourced the Google security operations center”, says a Google spokesperson “and we are looking forward to making these valued positions both full- and part-time Google employees.”

Security Industry Specialists, Inc. will help with the transition to a security staff on Google’s payroll but they will no longer hold a contract with Google thereafter. This switch will improve the standard of living of security staff and improve Google’s image before the community as a social benefactor. The job of a security officer is equally as important as the rest of the employees in the company, without their presence, much of what Google has to offer could be at stake.

In order to develop an effective security team with high motivation, officers must be adequately compensated and valued. Allowing guards access to health insurance, retirement and other benefits will influence the way security officers regard their position and hopefully, also shift the public view to regard a security officer’s job as a career, rather than a part time gig.

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