Frost Science Museum Opens in Downtown Miami
Frost Science Museum Opens in Downtown MiamiFrost Science Museum Opens in Downtown Miami

Frost Science Museum Opens in Downtown Miami

The relocation of the Frost Science Museum is complete. The new $305 million building is located at 1101 Biscayne Blvd, where it joins the growing list of arts and cultural venues in downtown Miami. Other venues in the area are the Perez Art Museum Miami, and the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts. The museum’s recent opening highlighted its numerous attractions and exhibits as listed below:

  • The River of Grass in the north wing with Everglades exhibits both outdoors and indoors with virtual displays.
  • A Lunar Terrace on the rooftop of the west wing with native vegetation in an urban garden setting, plus a weather station.
  • The Frost Planetarium with 250 stadium-style seats, a dome that creates a nearly 360-degree view, a 16-million-color 8K visual projection system, and six 3D projectors. Its new laser show will feature music from contemporary and classic artists.
  • Feathers to the Stars in the north wing with exhibits that highlight the history of flight from dinosaurs to fighter jets.
  • A Learning Center in the north wing has STEM programming and four classrooms.
  • The Aquarium is a 500,000-gallon tank featuring sharks, stingrays and other fish. There’s also smaller aquariums with many more sea creatures and an open aviary.
  • The Science Plaza hosts the H2O Today exhibition with facts about water.
  • A Solar Terrace on the roof of the north wing has photovoltaic solar panels that power the building and a weather station.
  • LASERSHOW in the north wing to teach guests about the physics of light with a laser show.

Animal Rehabilitation and Public Education

The Frost Science Museum will also be a place to educate the public on local wildlife. The museum rooftop houses a bird sanctuary named The Bachelor Wildlife Center. The center accepts and rehabilitates injured birds brought in by the public. The Science Barge is a floating laboratory located mere steps from the museum itself. Using cutting edge tech, it provides visitors a unique opportunity to learn about marine science and wildlife. The Barge will be part of science programs that connect the public with research projects in addition to being an extension of the aquarium and science exhibits.

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