Five Innivative Security Gadgets
Innovative Security Gadgets Innovative Security Gadgets

Five Innovative Security Gadgets

Our Staff’s Pick of Five Innovative Security Gadgets

According to the FBI, July and August are the most common months for break-ins to occur. In the United States, a new home burglary happens every 13 seconds – startling statistics considering these numbers do not include robberies of commercial businesses. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that security provides.

We support the idea that manned security is without a doubt the most efficient way to prevent illegal activity, but we also find value in investing in technology as a preventative and cautionary measure. While virtually no burglaries take place in the presence of uniformed security, burglars are more likely to bypass a house or business that requires too much effort to break into. You can certainly take precautions to make robberies more difficult to complete; and in the end, save your home from devastation.

As far as home security is concerned, there are countless different technologies that can be utilized to deter criminals. Timers, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems have been used frequently over the past few decades.Here are a few examples of some technologies that might be worth a second look:


The dropCam is something like a nanny camera that may be placed in any strategic location. Once plugged in and connected to a Wi-Fi network, the dropCam allows the user to tap into the live streaming video at any time using a variety of devices. These cameras also have night vision capabilities. This, and similar products allow for the home owner to check up on various video feeds from a computer, tablet, or smart phone at the touch of a finger.

Quickset Kevo

Something you might not have heard of is the quikset kevo; a new product available on the market for home security solutions. Essentially this product is an extremely technologically advanced deadbolt lock. It enables the home owner to digitally lock or unlock the door from any location. It also allows for the homeowner to grant access to guests, dog-walkers, neighbors, friends, or anyone with whom they have built trust. The lock will digitally track who enters the building. As the homeowner, you are capable of temporarily or permanently blocking people from entering. As the owner, you can also opt to receive notifications each time the lock is opened. For more information, check out their site.


There are many smart phone apps that allow users to enjoy similar safety features that they might find in steeply priced gadgets. The app bsafe allows smartphone users to keep in touch with friends and family. With features such as SOS, you can set off alarms, record video footage, and record voice at the touch of a button. The app will collect evidence with time stamps, broadcast your current location, set timers for you to check in (perfect for jogging or hiking), and you can even set up fake calls to be sent to your phone.

Unusual Alarms

Products like the Barking Dog Alarm are great for additional home security. The device sends out radar detection in 360 degrees (even through walls) and once the signal is tripped, it will sound off the alarming noise of a vicious dog barking. Criminals are scared off by the sound of loud dogs, due to their owner’s predictable responses.

Wireless Pressure Mats

If you have ever entered through automatic doors, you have most likely experienced the technology used in pressure mats. The device is typically placed beneath rugs, soil, or door mats. It enables the homeowner to hear a sound if the mat experiences the pressure of an unexpected person on top of it. The mat is perfect for homes, boats, balconies, or outdoor establishments.

Technologies such as these are great to add to the arsenal for home and office security. Even in addition to guards, this technology enables the homeowner to have direct records of events going on within the property. The price of security pales in comparison to the peace of mind that it supplies home and business owners.


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