Facebook Live: A Great New Tool For Event Planners
Facebook Live: A Great New Tool For Event PlannersFacebook Live: A Great New Tool For Event Planners

Facebook Live: A Great New Tool For Event Planners

Since its launch late 2015, a growing number of brands are turning to Facebook Live as a way to engage their audience and grow their business. Facebook Live lets you broadcast video in real-time to your followers, as well as directly to a group or event page —all from a mobile phone or tablet. As you broadcast, people tune in and engage with you through comments and likes. For you and your events, Facebook Live is an opportunity to grow an audience.

What are the benefits for event planners?

  1. Live video is extremely engaging: According to Facebook Live, users spend more than 3x more time and comment 10x more when a video is live.
  2. Live video grows attendance: 30% of people who watch a livestream of an event will attend the same event the following year.
  3. Live video is cost effective: It’s a common misconception that producing live video is expensive, but thanks to tools like Facebook Live, anyone can leverage the technology and see a positive return on investment.

How to get started

You can access Facebook Live from an iOS or Android device via the Facebook app. The way it works is simple: just head to your Facebook page, event, or group and look for the “Live Video” button. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter a description.

Also, before you “Go Live!” consider the limitations of your mobile device.

As with all video content, production value is critical to success. If people can’t see and hear what’s happening, they’re likely to log out. So refrain from using a mobile device to capture the action on stage. Instead, mobile devices are better suited for giving your audience a sneak peek of your event setup or the behind-the-scenes action backstage.

Here are some tips Facebook gives for getting the most out of Facebook Live:

  1. Make an announcement: Build anticipation for your event by letting your audience know when you’ll be broadcasting. Facebook finds that 24-hour advanced notices gets the best results.
  2. Check your signal: If you have a weak cellular or Wi-Fi signal, your live video will be choppy or unavailable. So don’t go live until you have a strong signal.
  3. Don’t skip the description: Facebook Live asks you to create a description before hitting the “Go Live” button. Be sure to write a description that grabs your audience’s attention and lets them know what to expect.
  4. Engage with commenters: After your live video is wrapped, don’t forget to go back through and respond to commenters.
  5. Longer is better: If your broadcast is too short, you won’t give people enough time to tune in. Facebook recommends being live for at least 10 minutes.

Facebook also has more tips on its webpage.

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