Expense Vs Security
Expense Vs. Security When Hiring A Security GuardExpense Vs. Security When Hiring Security Guards

Expense Vs. Security When Hiring Security Guards

As a property manager, you play a critical role in the safety and protection of your business or residence. Whether you manage residential properties or businesses, you are aware that theft, vandalism and other crimes are common. Maybe you have even experienced an episode of crime. As you are aware, these events are incredibly difficult to deal with.

Burglars and criminals tend to target large estates, apartments, condominiums and business parks because these areas provide them with a steady flow of “income”. If they hit one condo or office and reap success, they’ll continue, especially if they know there is not security on the premises. Within the past year, Miami was host to 7,267 burglaries, and over 30,000 acts of larceny (Statistics courtesy of Miami-Dade Police Department).

You may be inclined to think that security cameras will be adequate in deterring criminals from messing with property, however that is not necessarily true. Many times during crimes, security cameras are tampered with, or simply don’t catch enough identifiable information to make a solid case against a defender in court. While the footage might provide a direction for law enforcement, it could take months or years before they catch the thieves. During this time, the criminals could be on the run burglarizing more properties, causing more damage and trouble for you. I have heard of many instances where a crime occurs in an area that includes video surveillance, but the police simply said they couldn’t do anything.

History proves that criminals will not flock to areas where security guards are present. They would rather target areas which are unmanned. The security cameras and alarm systems will not stop them as they vandalize the property. Security guards provide a physical presence that allows them to observe and report any incidences.

Hiring a security guard that is well-trained, intelligent, and is loyal to the operation will not only give you peace of mind, but will save you in repair and replacement costs. You will find that your return on the investment of a guard will come in many forms. Your residents will also feel much safer, which is always a good thing.

Criminals will opt to refrain from robbing or vandalizing the area if they notice there is a frequent presence of law enforcement. Guards are also trained to recognize potential hazards and suspicious activity. Whether on the structure of your building and property or the inhabitants, they will report any risks before they become a greater issue. When you hire a guard from a credible company, you can be sure that they will monitor your property with diligence.


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