Sporting Events
Sporting EventsEvent Categories Defined: Sporting Events

Event Categories Defined: “Sporting Events”

Goals:  raise money, display the range of your firm’s capabilities

Sporting event opportunities are are labor intensive in terms of logistics due to their magnitude of attendance and public notoriety, but sporting events are also the best way to set your event planning firm apart from the competition.

Approximately 5,000 companies that specialize in event management according to the U.S. Economic Census. Each year, these businesses aggregately generate more than $5 billion dollars a year of revenue and provide jobs for more than 40,000 people. The growth of this industry has remained in lockstep with the growth of the economy in general. The number of businesses operating within this industry has increased 15 percent over last five years while gross receipts have increased almost two fold.

Sporting Events (golf, tennis)

Sporting events refer tournaments such as Sony’s Miami Open tennis tournament, and the US Open Polo Championship held at the International Polo Club Palm Beach. Usually held at athletic clubs, club members comprise the greater majority of the guest list. To expand your turnout beyond members, plan an event that will draw prospects who are not members of the club but who would like to take advantage of using the club, especially if it’s an outstanding club with facilities to match. The club usually sets aside certain days that are traditionally slow for use for events to keep its facilities fully staffed. Keep in mind that clubs don’t usually have all inclusive policies, if your firm is to be associated with the club even if it’s just for a one-day event, make sure the club adheres to anti discrimination laws. The food service can be run by the club’s catering department, which lessens the burden of coordinating with catering staff. Depending on the arrangements made with the club, it’s possible to make a reasonable net income. As a plus, your agency can also hold a raffle of donated merchandise to raise a few more dollars. The main idea behind these events is to have fun, raise money, and create exposure for your agency with a particular demographic.

Advantages: if an agency has a large sports-oriented constituency, such an event can achieve great results; it also works well as a society type of event.

Cautions: make sure there’s a large support base of members who already belong to the country club set, or this event will fall on its face. Furthermore, it can be labor intensive, so a strong staff and a core group of sports-minded volunteers are needed. Logistics for properly directing guests are complex, particularly when it comes to parking areas and points of access. Experienced volunteers or trained security guards to assist with ticketing, securing access points, and directing traffic are essential.

Goals: raise money, employee motivation, generate exposure for planning firm amongst “country club demographic”

The reputation of an event agency must be kept in the forefront at all times. Always honor deserving events, persons or organizations to maintain your company’s reputation, you values, and produce an event that the agency will be proud of!.


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