Four Escapes from Prison
Four Escapes from Prison Four Escapes from Prison

Enhanced Security Measures, New Security Technology At CES 2016

No matter if your event is big like the Consumer Technology Association’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show or smaller like a company picnic at a local park, security measures must be taken to ensure everyone can be safe and have a good time.

Speaking of CES 2016, the CTA made it known that the security would not be taken lightly due to recent global tragedies, and because of that they introduced new security procedures.

These new rules and enhanced measures were to ensure the goal of guest safety.

Yes, a few drawbacks could include longer checkpoint and screening lines and inconvenience for those who are trying to get somewhere in a hurry, but they posted tips prior to the show dates to help with the security check processes and what to expect when entering the event.

Changes made to the security screening included:

  • More security and law enforcement personnel both inside and outside of show properties.
  • Attendees were subject to metal detector screening and body pat downs upon entering show premises.
  • Police in armored gear and explosive detection dogs throughout various CES facilities

Consumer Electronics Show 2016 New Home Security Innovations

SensorSphere – To combat break-ins, fires, and other emergency incidents, the SensorSphere was created.

This innovative device is essentially a ball with an HD camera that you can remotely control with your smartphone. As you can see in the video it has many functions and sensors that can help in keeping your home safe.

Roost’s Smart Battery – Instead of replacing your old home smoke alarms with newer technologically advanced alarms, Roost created the Smart Battery that can transform your old existing alarms. The battery has a 5-year lifespan and sends you notifications whenever the smoke alarms go off, even when you aren’t home.

Brink’s Array Smart Lock – Doorbell cameras and front door surveillance for residential security were common technological innovations for CES 2016, but the Array Smart Lock from Brink’s stood out and received a lot of acknowledgement.

The Array is not only a smart lock in the sense that it can use your smartphone to lock and unlock the door remotely, but it’s also solar powered. This lock can operate on 33 hours of sunlight or even artificial light to keep it charged for a full year’s use, with a lithium battery as a back-up just in case.

Whether it is event security or learning more about the latest innovations for residential security solutions, the experts at Pro-Secur can help. Our Southern Florida clients can count on our best, and we make it a focus to offer the best in security services and consulting.

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